One thing I excel at is surviving.

Another Hook quote I really loved was: Hook: Startling aren't I? Some people say striking.

Game of Thrones Review: Pleasure and A Lot of Pain

I loved this episode. First of all, I agree about Jorah not giving Dany enough credit. After everything that she went through in Season 2, how can he possibly think she'll be letting one of her 'children' out of her sight anytime soon? I don't feel bad for Theon, but while he's a traitor, I do sympathize slightly with his character. I see it a bit as the 'adopted' son sort of situation. Even though he knows he did some horrible things, he was and is just so desperate for acceptance, and to have that identity that was lost to him that he's willing to do the unthinkable to earn his place. I have a feeling it's going to come back to haunt him. As for Jaime, while I again sympathize since he does show to have at least some conscious (hesitating about throwing Brann off the wall, trying to help Brienne despite everything suffer the least amount necessary), for me he was just asking for it. He's usually very good about survival, but here he just read the cards wrong. He surrounded by enemies, hateful, vengeful, jealous, just nasty people, and he's antagonizing this guy who just snaps and decides he needs a reality check to show him just how powerless the 'kingslayer' truly is. As for Stannis, I don't know how to feel. He seems to have taken the 'one true king' straight to his head. He just seems so pitiful, so petty, and so desperate. The one moment that gave me pause was when Melisandre said 'there are others with your blood in their veins' the way his face dropped and he looked away, despite all the differences between all the kingdoms and houses, the one thing that's almost always been sacred is family. I think Renly's death still haunts him slightly, and I think he deep down is questioning just how deep he's willing to go each time to get what he wants. I'm wondering if this might cause a rift between him and the mystery woman.

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