Gossip Girl Caption Contest 163

Nate: [thinking] college friend's moms: check. teachers: check. paramedics: check. now I'll just have to bang the Headmistress.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 65

Elena: so you two called me to come over because..?
Stefan: ok, we want to have a.. um, private threeway video... we thought you might want to help us.
Elena: omg! why didn't you tell me earlier i could've came faster!
Damon: so you're up for it? cool! you can grab the camera right there. Jeremy will be here in about 5 minutes.
Elena: ... wait.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 158

Louis: Here's a gift I brought for you.
Blair: Awwh why, thank you
*opens the box* ...
Um, Louis, there's nothing in it.
Louis: I know, it's so big & lovely, right?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 156

Georgina: So, tell me about this new Charlie person
Serena: Oh, we've been spending time together and I had so much fun! we traveled to Paris, once, we went to some club and we got drunk, you know, weed and everything till we drop! kept saying "WINNING!" while running around the club, afterwards. hahaha. I know, right! He's such a positive person.
Georgina: .... Charlie Rhodes, Serena. Charlie RHODES.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 154

Chuck: Look, I may be a pimp, but I'm not a little pimp.
Serena: Chuck, as dumb as you think I am, I still remember that THAT was Jenny's line!

Our Beloved GG Cast

Oh Jenny. This show sucks without you ... FIXED

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 153

Dorota: Miss Blair, you have this likenesses between you and Kate Middleton. You're both Brunette, Gorgeous, Smart, and will be married to a prince. But, there's also one difference.
Blair: What is it?
Dorota: Your Prince has more hair than Kate's.

Chuck and Serena Photograph

lmfao The Yalier, for once i agree with you!
why the fuck this bitch holding a rapist hand. like ewwwwwww.
Chuck GTFO please. and Serena.. get a brain!

Reflection of Beauty


Gossip Girl Caption Contest 147

Rufus: Lily, we have to talk you.
Lily: Is cream a carb?
Serena: Um, yeah.
Rufus: Lily, you're wearing maroon. and it's friday.
Lily: So..?
Chuck: So that's againts the rules, and you can't sit with us.
Lily: Whatever, those rules aren't real.
Chuck: They were real that day i wore purple.
Lily: Because purples are disgusting.
Rufus: You can't sit with us!! [Silence] Lily: Fine, you can wash your own plates, bitches. [walks away]