They kill Ziva off I wont watch anymore
she deserves way more than just to be killed off
that is all this writer knows how to do kill off every really loved and really liked female main character

Colin Hanks on NCIS

this was awesome as a huge fan as his father the well known Tom hanks it was a lot of fun seeing his son play this role!!!

NCIS Review: The Evil McGee

good one with a disappointing end
another going after Gibbs story?? that is getting kinda old and too much


Very good episode
Not the ending I wanted or was expecting
why cant one time things end right for once. If they kill off ziva charter i will not watch anymore and i mean it. The same goes for Tony as well. It would not be the same.
also had anyone else noticed the ones this writer kill off are mostly female agents???


I dont like Tims dad I applaud Tim for being the bigger man though!!!
good episode i loved it and I love that Tim is a big brother and when Adam came to ncis tony humor about how Adam was looking at ziva was so funny!!!
as for tiva
I hate the tease I wish they would just put these two together already!!!


This was again another amazing episode :)
From start to finish clearly awesome loved it. Cool that Michal directed it
the last scene poof where the dog sits by his master coffin made me tear up a bit.
I noticed Abby brought McGee coffee too and who is Ziva looking at??

Ducky Takes a Detour

Only Ducky would dissect a tire!!! :)

Palmer and Duck

what awesome acting and what a grate show loved it!!

NCIS Review: 101 Uses for a Dead Mole

What a episode
I was on the edge of my coach the whole time!!! what a show I loved the whole thing and I loved that the doctor and Palmer played them in the end it was brilliant!! but I worry was this a lets make ducky a hero one last time before he goes?? :( I hope not

NCIS Review: You Are Not Alone

This was a very very good one loved it
questions where is Palmer???
why didn't someone go with Ziva someone should of went with her!!!
Was that a traditional Jewish burial to the book or did she not do something??
again bravo on the brilliant acting