Smallville Review: "Masquerade"

Okay, for the first time in a long time we really have a different opinion of a Smallville episode. I agree with your points on Lois, Clark crossing the Atlantic and all the disguise points. I even like that they have brought back the Darseid storyline but at this point why? I mean they did a great job last week of setting up Con-El and the Luthor's for the final episode. There has to be a little more Lex story then he just shows up at the end. I want to know why Clark couldn't see the Omega sign on Oliver's brain? Or why he didnt assume that? knowing that emptions is the trigger and Oliver was way out of control when he caught up with him. I thought it was an avaerage episode. It really didnt help to move the story along. It seems they are cramming a lot of villans into these last few episodes and that isnt neccessary. At this rate a Braniac, Zod, Luthor, Darkseid, Doomsday finale seems like it could be a possibility. Okay that was for dramatic effect but the point is, you wont get all the answers in the time we have left. We know Lex is going to be in the finale so build toward that storyline. I have a pet pieve in all superhero movies / shows when "secret identities" are revealed by the hero or easily discovered by a nobody. Case in point that idiot tonight knew Clark's identity. It reminded me of the entire season Jimmy Olson worked toward Clark's identity, but this guy figured it out from a blurry photo (no blur pun intended). Come on! I know it led to the secret identity thing but youre right, to little to late. Okay im just ranting now, blowing off steam. Smallville is a quality show. I invested 10 years in it, so I am in til the end. I just think this year has been a pattern of a great episode followed by a sub par episode. That worries me as we head toward the finale. Speaking of finale, i hope the WB does the right thing and makes iy a two hour special. This show deserves that level of respect.

TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: No Ordinary Family

I was so looking forward to this show (partly because the cast has been so approachable on Twitter, that was either great marketing or just a bunch of quality people supporting their show (I believe the later part)). Anyway, the new shows this year have dissapointing with a few exceptions. This show continues to build and get better. Its because the writers have now established the characters, they can now move onto the storytelling. I agree Kay's performance in the mid season finale was the best work that I have seen from her. She has definitely made a fan out of me. I cant wait to see how they resolve the memory loss issue. I am equally dissapointed in JJs character development. I am not saying that Jimmy is a bad actor, I am saying that I dont buy into a lot of things that he has been able to do with the powers. For example, all the math in the world still wont help you actually throw a football (yeah i cant get over that one.) Or using math to fix a car was a bit of a stretch (though i thought it was the best scene of the season because it finally had the family working together with powers for the first time) I think the writers need to figure out the next phase of his abilities quickly because there is not much they can do with him at this point. I did buy the marriage from the start, but the best relationship is the Michael and Romy superheroe / sidekick one. They play so well off each other and the one liners are brilliant. I really like the show and was happy when ABC moved it away from Glee and gave it a full season. I think more people will tune into the show as a result. Its been my favorite new show of the year.

Smallville Review: "Ambush"

"Shamrock" that made me laugh. Finally a fresh joke on the Green Arrow custome. Besides that moment I felt let down and here is why: The last couple episodes have been a former one hit wonder guest cameo appearance. I dont need Lois' family in this season. This episode did nothing to develope "Superman" and with only what 15 or so left why are the writers wasting time. I get that they want to pay respect to the characters that have made the show but I believe that "Homecoming" did that perfectly now its time to move on. Yo made a great point in the Darseid, Doomsday let down. Lets not forget the DC Comics way to re-energize the Superman comic franchise was having Doomsday KILL Superman. Clark (not Superman) didnt have much of a problem. Its been so long since Darkseid has been on, I forget the set up! (not really but you get my point). I still believe Lex will be the ultimate final battle (and really hope its Michael Rosenbaum in the role). As much as Smallville has creat episodes, they also have made us suffer through episodes like this that do very little. Its time to set up the final story arch and bring closure to this series. It deserves a send off worthy of the name name Superman.

Smallville Review: "Isis"

The firs few paragraphs were pretty much our twitter conversation last night lol. I think there were key moments in the development between Oliver, Clark, Tess and Alexander last night that will mold the remaining episodes. It was needed. The final scene also needed so that we can now finally stop the Clark woo is me pritecting the world droopy dog act. Although my problem with it is that Clark has scene the future before and reacted out of emotion to it which led to disaster for him so why does he think this five minutes peek would be any different. I know they need to make the Lois and Clark relationship happened but they should have done it a different way. I also agree that the Isis storyline was bad. Its a Captain Marvel storyline to begin with. I know there has been a lot of DC character cross over but this was a bad choice. Then being reminded of how many times they made this same story really made me angry. So I have mixed emotions, 15-20 minutes I thought were really good and needed to be told. The rest of the time I wondered why i still devote an hour a week to the show. The reality is the writers know that people that are still here, have been here for a decade and are going to watch teh last 15 weeks or so (can anyone say season 4 of LOST)

Smallville 200th Episode Review: "Homecoming"

Like all series there is that "jump the shark" episode. Then the masses stop watching the series. Those who believed in this show and stayed with the series have been treated to some amazing television over the past two seasons. Just last season the "Absolute Justice" show proved that quality story, acting and cinematography trumps the potential gimmick factor of introducing the JLA. In fact, the JLA was real and they did a masterful job utilizing characters from the DC Universe that do not generally get mainstream attention.
So why all this praise for an episode last year when this is supposed to be about this 200th episode? Simple, Smallville topped what I believed was the best episode in the last for seasons. The best moment of the show was when Clark shows up to support Oliver. Up to that the point where Oliver sees Clark, he is scared an unsure of his decision. Clark's being there validated his choice and he now knows he has the support and brotherhood he sought.
All the nods to the Supermanology if you will, are things that every Smallville fan has waited for. The last thing we now need is to see Clark in the suit and fly away. My closing thought is that this franchise should learn from the Star Trek & X Files franchises, they already have a built in loyal fanbase that will follow it to the big screen. They also have iconic Superman / Lois / Lex Luther & Green Arrow characters casted. The fanboys will go see a Superman movie and if its a quality script like "Batman Begins" than the average no fanboy will appreciate it because its a quality film. I know its a dream and probably wont come true, but I ask you what do you think? It will work.