90210 Round Table: "Holiday Madness"

I really don't understand why people dislike annie so much
i find her to be the new Brenda.
I think Navid is being a real pussy, no one would blame him for breaking up with Adrianna, she is being even more of a bitch to everyone. It's even okay that he kissed Silver, but having a relationship behind her back is something Ade even at her bitchiest doesn't deserve.
The story line with Ade and Victor is just annoying. it's getting old and boring
I really can't wait to see Liam and Annie together, but even as a lannie fan
they deserved so much more epicness in their moment, their "sex scene" was horrible
I mean they could pull off a kiss in the rain scene or something, but a sick person scene is just insulting to the couple

2011 Preview: 90210

More Liam and Annie!
Navid and Silver have crossed a line
one kiss is different than an undercover relationship
just dump Ade

90210 Round Table: "Holiday Madness"

I totally agree youknowyoulovemexx
I don't understand why everyone hates Lannie, i love them together and i'm really excited for a more epic moment between them. I never felt bad about Charlie, he always annoyed me. Oscar will probably be Naomi's love interest and i like him with her
When are we gonna get Dixon and Ivy again?
I loved them!!!

90210 Review: Holiday BADness

I totally disagree with you. I love Liam and Annie! I thought that they could have done more in the previous episode but i feel like Charlie is the roadblock in their relationship. I mean he is going to find out about this, make annie feel guilty, maybe punch Liam, it's just an annoying character that i can't stand.
Ade was being a spoiled bitch, Navid deserves so much better
and although i hate cheaters, Navid and Silver are perfect for eachother.