Miss andrea
Andrea Gabriel to Recur on Gossip Girl As...

@G LOL, you're SO right!
I can't wait till next season but at the same time I DON'T want it to end :'(

Miss andrea
Gossip Girl Season Finale Review: The More Things Change ...

Words can't describe my emotions... Chuck and Blair belong together. Period. I almost feel sorry for Dan, he's so social climber and so "I'm intelectual and so cool" but at the end of the day he's just an angry loser (sorry Dan fans (if there’s any), sucks to suck). & thinking about going after GG makes me think about J and V, but I really don't want any of them to comeback, if I want a pathetic whore, that's why Serena's here, or was... “as far as I'm concerned, Serena Van der Woodsen doesn't exist�, THANK YOU writers! I was so fucking sick of this girl, now she can go become a crack whore(again) and die alone, no ones cares. Everything else was alright but I'm tired of "Ivy-Lily-Lola thing", it should just stop! & about Nate... well, he's Nate & he's hot! Oh yes, it feels like 2007 again, & I'm loving it!!!

Miss andrea
One Tree Hill Series Finale Review: There Is Only One...

OTH will always be my favorite tv show :') I'll miss them a lot! BEST SERIES EVER.

Miss andrea
Pretty Little Liars Review: Will the Real A Please Stand Up?

I think maybe Courtney DiLaurentis does exist in the show (just as she does in the books) and Alison killed her, but everyone thinks that Alison is dead when in fact she's hiding from whoever is the A team because they do know of the existence of the crazy twin; at least that would explain the dream that Spencer had last week with Ali... The red clothes in the end, seriously? & Toby and Ezra, there's something in their behavior last night that I just don't trust. oh God I hate to think bad of people who have seemed nice by now.

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