this show is really funny !.The writing is good and i'm starting to like almost all the characters especially jake and the captain . i really hope it gets renewed. I think it's one of the best new comedies this season .
Also glad it's getting reviewed now .


i really thought this whole switch off thing would make elena less whiny but man! ,,she turned from whiny to really annoying.
she did make some good points though in her no humanity mode. stephan's life revolves around her , he really should have a life ,also about caroline's whining for tyler and having a thing for klaus .
Speaking of klaus ,what was the point from his scenes with hayley ,it felt really forced,mainly because this character hayley is really unbearable and seems to be pushed at the viewers.


i really liked this episode .
i found myself unexpectedly glad to see katherine.
i also enjoy the chemistry klaus and caroline have.It's fun to watch ,not sure about them as a couple ,but i really like their scenes especially that tyler and caroline scenes are getting really boring even the supposedly emotional goodbye scene was such a snooze fest to me .
But there were some stuff that were off like the supposedly big realization that the cure is only enough for one ,i mean i think every person who watches this show predicted this.
And how on earth none of all the vampires thought about the obvious dose problem till now!
Also jeremy's ring situation ,if he is a hunter ,then why did the ring work all that time and why not work now ,they really need to explain that .


What a pilot !
It really felt like a movie ,a really intense movie.
i'm a little concerned about where will they go from here ,you know story wise.
but i think who ever delivered such a great start can resume with the same excellency ,can't wait for the coming episodes.


WOW ,,that was just a fantastic episode !
the last 10 minutes with ted and robin then the amazing proposal were insanely good !,,,,ted's "it's just a building and get the hell out of the car " reminded of how good of a person ted is !,,i mean recently i haven't been liking ted ,but this scene totally changed that !. Also"the robin" ,barney's amazing last play !,,i didn't see that coming ,everything about that scene was superb ,the acting the music ,it really got to me ! ,,
great job by the writers on this episode !

Supernatural Review: To Tell the Truth

i really liked this episode !
the highlight for me is benny and dean !
the character of benny is really intriguing and well written
Man i was gonna be really pissed if that crazy hunter killed him !
About sam and dean ,the show has always been about the brotherly bond ,so i really hope they would get over their issues ! however i gotta side with dean on this one !,,i don't see how he can get over the fact that his brother gave up on him like that !
But here's for hoping that they reconcile and be brothers again because that's the best part about supernatural !

Arrow Review: Hiding In Plain Sight

i really liked this episode !
the revelation that that evil guy was tommy's dad didn't really do much for me but maybe it will be significant later !
i liked helena ,however i think that her relationship with oliver won't work out considering that she doesn't hesitate to kill and all !
But it is an interesting relationship ,a hell of a lot more than his relationship with laurel !

The Vampire Diaries Review: Yes, Sire

Man i feel so cheated right now !
A sire bond ! Really !! where did that come from !
i gotta say the writers have been trying to keep this mess of a triangle alive for a long time ,,but this is the lamest move that they've pulled yet And is it me or caroline was kind of annoying ,i usually like caroline but this episode i felt like i just wanted to yell shut up when she was talking !
but despite the whole weird lame sire bond thingy ,i'm intrigued by the jeremy and professor shane story line and now somehow hayley is tied to him!!


as i said before i'm really loving this season
it seems coherent and the stories aren't all over the place like last season .
the fact that jeremy is a hunter now is intriguing !
i also look forward to knowing how will they tie the professor and the five and the council fire accident thing together !
Also i 'm really loving klaus this season .
Caroline and tyler are really good together ,but still she and klaus have this chemistry that's fun to watch !
the van helsing comment was hilarious ,damon is awesome

The Vampire Diaries Review: Elena's First

Is it just me or this season is really good!
it has a plot ,it's coherent totally unlike last season .
elena finally you are having a reaction to something !
i like that they are making elena resemble damon as a vampire rather than stephan ,it somehow adds something to the love triangle that started to be boring last season !.
Also they are trying to envolve everyone in stories,jeremy having the tatto and the fact that he might actually have a story is a pleasant surprise!
really liking this season ! :)