The Vampire Diaries Review: Witchy Washy

this episode was kinda boring !
stephan and elena's scenes were boring !
the bonnie magic thing is repeated and it seems as if it's a constant scene in every episode !,they seriously should stop using bonnie as a plot device !
what i liked was elena transitioning ,the light ,the noises ,the almost dying !,it was weel acted !
also tyler as klaus was actually not as bad as i imagined !

TV Ratings Report: Arrow on Target

2.6 million ,i'm really happy for supernatural !
also 4 million !,never saw such a high rating on CW !


Man ! i love this show but for me the highlight is the emily/nolan scenes.
emily's expression when victoria opened the door was piceless.
and i honestly can't stand ashely !,i can't wait for victoria to come back and take her down.
daniel definetly misses emily
i think i'd rather have him and emily than jack and emily !,,jack and emily have zero chemistry !
Also wondering what's the deal with the takeda guy !,why is he helping emily ! what's his goal exactly ?


Man ,can't there be any scene where elena isn't the center of the universe ,it's either a scene with her in it ,or another where everybody is talking about saving her.
If everybody keeps on saving her even when she's a vampire i'm gonna be pissed!
Also sometimes i forget there are vampires on the show !!,,a vampire in any other show would have been able to pull the whole car !!
And Bonnie trying to unvampire elena or whatever and not trying to do this for her own mother! those are some serious plot holes that the writers need to fix asap !,it's getting ridiculous!


i'm excited about alot of shows since they all left us with good cliffhangers
Once upon a time:can't wait to see what happens now with the magic brought in the real world.
Revenge:this show is just awesome .
Gossip girl:FINAL season !
TVD:i'm looking forward to seeing elena as a vampire ,i hope the show handles it right like it did with caroline.
Grey's anatomy:i just wanna see how the show will pick up after this finale
i'm also excited about how i met our mother and new girl .
and of course can't awesome Community .


blair's birthday where chuck admits he has feelings for her and get her that necklace.
Also the victrola episode.:)


ok that was 10 times more exciting than the last season finale !
From the moment caleb got that gun ,i knew he was gonna get himself shot but at least he's not dead !,i would have been pissed if caleb died !,
And Toby being A !!,,why !? what's his motives! and when did he join this A team !?,some stuff doesn't add up with this story !
But it would be interesting to see how things will get resolved !
The whole ezra ,maggie and child thing is boring ,i get that they are trying to give him a story but it's lame.


"we're doing something a little different in that we don't know or say who that is right away".
Oh really ,has she been watching her show !?..didn't they already do that in the CSI mess of a plot !.
every thing this woman says just makes no sense and instead of making me excited ,she makes want to watch the show less !.

Emmy Nominations: Who Got Snubbed?

seriously !,community should be nominated for every award ,the show is just genius !,i mean come on !,it's way better than girls and new girl ,i love these shows but community is just way better .
Also no justified ,what is that !
i'm pissed !

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 120

elena:i can't believe julie plec didn't make you go shirtless in that scene !,
damon:i know..she does it in like every other scene!!