Loving the idea,, it could work out. But it can easily blow up in their face too! I would watch though.

Jessica Szohr Covers 2 Magazine

@Cacherr1 Lol doesn't matter it's your oppinion,, I think Leighton is beautiful but I don't think that all her styles are a succes. With Jess right now,, I don't think she is georgous but I do think she has something beautiful around her and I have seen photo's of her that I thought where amazing,, but this isn't one of her best though.

A Szohr Beauty

This is my fav picture of her.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 83

Nate: See Jenny,, Smiling at the judges allways work.
Jenny: Yeah but that women is like 60:P
Redhead: *looks uncomfartable* Why is he smiling:S Have I got something between my tooth??

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 82

Lilly: I am Lilly Bass.
Directors: We've been over this, it's Lilly Humphrey now!
Lilly: And how do you want to explain the private room, a Humphrey would be trown with the raccoons... Crap I knew I recognized Jenny from somewhere.

Blake Lively Hosts Saturday Night Live

euhm.. am I the only one not being able to watched it. I am seeying the commercial... over and over but the rest isnt coming, it keeps loading,

Two Sneak Previews of "The Debarted"

Am I the only one wondering how Nate knows NYU students name, includig mayors and stuff while he goes to COLUMBIA????

Serenate or Strip?

Lol clearly both,, you thought DOV was akward, I want to see this one xD


She looks plain evil,, that's new but soooo GG


lol I love how they made the 3some so tame and predictable but gave it a nice drama twist by bringing Olivia jealous bitchiniss in the show. She was to sweet,, it got scarry.
BTW I love how Dan is bragging to Nate while Nate is like; 'you're an idiot'.

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