sure as hell TEAM ALEK! just look at brian. he's like that little lost puppy... exapt he's not even cute at all. by the way: isn't the show on tuesdays and not mondays???

Ed, Clemence

it kinda looks like the size of a watch-box. but why would chuck give a catier - watch to his love interest ?!?! but well-hell. it's not blair, so why not send her something more inappropriate XD

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 115

Clemence:'so the script says we have to kiss, hm?'
Ed: 'apparently.'
Clemence:'my lip still hurt from the last time you accidentally bit it.'
Ed: 'hey, that was not my fault, you're just a bad kisser.' -pouts-


coma/dying from an overdose would be fine with me. she's a pain in the ass character!!! the only thing I enjoyed was her fling with nate in season 2 and damien this season. but SERIOUSLY? her obsession with nate is SICK!!!!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 96

Damien: what is wrong with you?
Nate: You can't go any further, you look just like me in cheap and stop to copy my look!
Damien: Whatever pills you took, take less!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 94

Elizabeth: Let me introduce myself. I'm Elizabeth Fischer
Chuck: You look ravashing.
Elizabeth: No, we can't. (turns face away in shame)
Chuck: Why not? Because you might be my mother?!
Elizabeth: My point exactly...


haha... well... maybe he is faithful, but I guess not in his mind XD I'm really excited for season 3!!!


wow, she's just so gorgeous. (hehe, guess I agree with ed)
I def. support leighton in everything she's doing or telling. she's just an amazing actress!
o, god. and that interview with ed reminded me on that typical sentence we all now "f*** off, leight" *lol*


WTF?! this source can't be serious. I mean, I never supported jessica and ed, but if she made him happy...
but if she's cheating on him, I'm definitely going to hate her forever!!