Once Upon a Time Review: The World Comes to Storybrooke

The thing most people seem to be overlooking about Belle's huge overreaction was that since she passed the town line, her fairy tale memories all disappeared, leaving only the life and thoughts she had in Storybrooke before everyone realized that they were cursed. Belle was locked up in a HOSPITAL BASEMENT in the LOONY BIN. This type of stuff usually messes with a person's mind. It made her paranoid and scared, and of course wasn't used to being around people, especially someone hovering over her bed as she's sleeping kissing her. I'm pretty sure if you're locked up in a mental institution for years of your life, you wouldn't be used to being told that people love you and are trying to help you. I also thought it was a huge reaction, but then I remembered this, and pushed that thought out of my mind. It makes sense that she reacted that way.