just finished the episode... OMFG!! It's barely all I can say.
First, Delena bed scene :) aiissshh so cute couple!!
WTF, JER?? ANNA AND VICKY?? Funny ex-lovers meeting... And in that moment Bonnie enters in the room LOL I really didn't see that coming...
And Stefan?? So now Stef is the bad guy and Damon the good one?? Let's be the hero this time, D!!
klaus basically wants Stef to have fun killing people, doesn't he?
It was so sad... I love Delena but Stefan is the good one... He gave everything to save his brother, even his humanity... Always the hero, my dear Stef...
Back to that lovely scene on the bed, Elena is just not like Katherine... K knew what she was doing but E just gave him a kiss!! And he was dying!!! He needed forgiveness and we don't know what that kiss has meant, I really don't think she even knows...
Well, for summarize, amazing episode and I can't believe that I have to wait until the Fall to see what's coming next!!


oooh my poor damon!! at least i know he will survive but i hate seeing him suffering this way...

Glee Review: "Prom Queen"

It broke my heart when Kurt was nominated... Poor Kurt!! But he was as awesome as always and his line of "eat your heart out, Kate Middleton" was just epic... And he and Blaine are one of the cutest couples in tv!!
Can't believe that Jesse is back... I totally agree, he just cause troubles!
And what game is Finn playing?? Rachel-Quinn, Quinn-Rachel... Stop playing!! Btw, Quinn was stunning!! Amazing dress!!

Glee Review: "Prom Queen"

Kurt is awesome!! It broke my heart when Kurt was nominated


Jenna's death made me cry like a child. I can't believe that they killed her off. It was a huge mistake!! So it's gonna be Elena who takes care of Jeremy... I thought it will be Alaric... Can't wait to see the next episode!!

Castle Review: "Pretty Dead"

Alexis is going... Poor castle!! So next week we will have a sad castle in an sad episode about beckett's mum... At least they have eachother!! ;) I think next episode will be amazing and maybe change the things between this two... Hope so!!
In the other hand I'm afraid the captain is the character who's gonna be killed...
Can't wait to see what's gonna happen!!

Who Will Die on Bones This Week?

Please let's get then together!! Marlowe is totally right!!
And I agree with sue ann this is getting ridiculous...

Gossip Girl Review: Call Me Serena!

Ooh yeah GG needs a truly crazy girl around... I'm proud of Dan, he did the right thing but I can't believe how quickly the writers forget all the Dair storyline... Ok I'm not one of the Dair fans but let's be realistic, Dan liked her but suddenly mini-Serena appears and he forget it??
However, I really enjoy this episode from the appearance of old faces like the little-crazy GG fans and Cyrus (always awesome!! Love when he said "like your stepfather I'll do like I didn't heard about sex games" LOL) to the new development in the Thorpe's storyline...
How awesome was that?!
OMG number 1:Russel killed his wife
OMG number 2: jack bass helping chuck... WTF?! the last thing I think I would have seen in this show
OMG number 3: raina knows, thanks to Nate (I really started to think he's just a cute face...)
OMG number 4: that last scene with russel an Blair in the rooftop.... AAWWW can't wait to see the next episode!!
Just an amazing and twisted episode like the old ones, let's see next week how this amazing season ends!!

House Review: "The Dig"

Best. Episode. Ever.
finally 13 is back!! i really miss her... and the last scene when house told her he would kill her was just heart-breaking.


Yeess!! Finally Zoey's gone!! *barney's evil laugh* muahahahahaha!! Such a bitch with the tape...