House: Picked Up for Season 8

''WTF?!'' is the only thing i can think about... is he cutting his leg?!


finally!! bye-bye vanessa I won't miss you...


Jenna dying= me crying for an hour... So unfair!! Poor Elena and Jeremy and Alaric... What were the writers thinking??
Well although that scene that broke my heart this episode was completely amazing!!
And of course Damon is not going to die!! Maybe he becomes a sexy were-vamp or maybe a human again...
I can't believe how much he has change since season 1, from he saying "let's go drink elena's blood" to "she can't lost anyone more" and leaving her for her own sake... So heartbreaking...
Btw, John I forgive you for being a such a jerk in the first season... XP


Wow! After that beautiful, sweet, cute... scene the guionist MUST make it happen... Let's go with the love story!!
She behind the door, holding the handle and he waiting for her and then leaving... AWESOME!!
btw LA-Ryan&Esposito... Creepy!! XD


I totally agree with you! Julianna Marguiles deserve an Emmy.. The scene where she packed peter's stuff and took Zack's iPod was perfect. I was waiting for seeing something more about Alicia and Will in this episode but I guess we will have to let the things calm down... And Alicia has to confront Kalinda yet...
About Peter I have always known he was a jerk so... He deserve it!! Even more I would have been glad if she had burnt all his things as you say.
And Cary, are you kidding me? Get it over!! Ok, you're the bad guy but at least you had style...
Can't wait to see next episode, this show is absolutely amazing.


OMG. Can't. Believe. This.
Blair engaged?! I was totally amazed when I saw it... Aww unbelievable!! I'm happy she finally found a guy who makes her happy and treat her well.
Anyway, I feel so sorry for chuck. He's been through a lot of things in the last episodes and that's the last thing could have happened to him...
But I believe what Nate said: don't worry, Blair is not going to end up with that guy. Everybody knows.


Yess!! Finally!! I can't wait...

The Vampire Diaries Promos: "The Last Day"

Aaaah OMG!! love this serie I watched all the ep this Easter and I can't wait to see what is coming between Damon and Elena next week!!

Who Will Die on Castle? 04/08/2011

i'm afraid that it will be martha... i hope i'm wrong!! the serie won't be the same without her, she's so funny!!

The Good Wife Review: A New Day...

amazing! i absolutely loved this episode!! and the end OMFG was perfect... i wonder if the writers did this because they want to give alicia an excuse when she'll go with Will without make her be the bad one. anyway the conversation between kalinda and alicia was so sweet... :)
(sorry for my english but i'm spanish)