yep one of the great Castle episodes.
Maddie was everything Beckett was not.

A beautiful woman who was confident about herself ( when she and Beckett was talking about marriage she says Not yet!)
although Beckett had done the wrong thing by Maddie because of Brent Edwards she stil kept up to date with what was happening to Beckett.

She is the best friend Beckett should have had not Lanie who has gone backwards as a character.


No but I saw Kyra Blaine's wedding!


The two families ( read Mothers) tend to agree on the cost where the Bride's father usually takes on most of the cost at least in Australia.
Once you know the limit of your costs then you know how many people you can invite.

you do not invite people you are acquainted with. you invite some relatives and CLOSE friends.

This is Castle's THIRD wedding so it would be etiquette to let Beckett to have most of the guests. It is her FIRST ( and ONLY) wedding.
Finally thus far what Caskett have talked about re the wedding has been completely out of character for both of them.


with respect you do not seem to understand what i have said just by your examples and your comment.

When you get married I hope it becomes clearer. Her mother will make it very clear to you believe me!


you simply do not invite every tom ,dick and harry to your wedding. Particularly if this is your THIRD wedding.

The Bride should always have more guests. given that her mother is dead I find it strange she could have gotten to 100.

More strange also is that Beckett has never liked such large numbers of people.

Another example of very poor writing to my mind.


it is best MAN


great idea and so Castle!


okay qwedding first.Best man Easy Bob Weldon and Espo and ryan are groomsmen. That means Beckett has Lanie, Maddie and Alexis as her bridesmaids.

okay. WHY does Gates have a job. She has been an incompetent fool from the first day when she kicked Castle to the kerb without any input from the Homicide team.
She should have been sacked after the In the Belly of the Beast fiasco ( ask any Cop)but apparently this doesn't happen in Marlowe land.

This episode was just soso.
The planning is becoming a bugbear. do the writers realise Beckett doesn't like to be around places with a lot of people. She wouldn't invite 100 people to HER wedding in a fit.
it would be a small wedding and it is Beckett's wedding because
1) Weddings are always about the Bride never about the Groom
2) Castle has been married twice before


My biggest problem is that Gates looks way older than her sister, This is maybe because Gates has an 'old' face but she defintely looks well over 60. Her sister , who is hot by the way , looks at least a decade younger. Therefore it didn't feel realistic.
Also one really has to ask why Gates still has a job in Police after the Farce of in the belly of the Beast. Indeed we really should ask why she ever got the job given her consistent level of incompetence which included kicking Castle to the kerb when she arrived without any intelligence on the homicide squad,

It was hard to discern who the killer was. The title gave it away.

The planning for the wedding is now getting to the silly stage. Beckett is a woman who does like like crowds or large numbers of people. She has a possible 100 people???
Castle has been married twice before and he has 400 people??
Sorry Marlowe you maybe that stupid abut Castle and Beckett are not.


yeah Our Roy Montgomery. it is very strange.

Personally I don't think Marlowe can do it.
We stlil do not know why Beckett has changed so radically from around episode 3-4.
We have her a 15 minute model at 17 and then 19. We have her going to the prom and then not going.

At least we had the letter showing Always has become a more enriched word!

Wasn't Maddie supposed to be in this episode?