Spotted on the Gossip Girl Set: Agnes?

man, sorry, didn't mean to sound so bitchy up there. Someone just jumped the gun on a resemblance btw Ms. Carr and Lux's mom, and I'm just fed up with the LU bashing I've been seeing by GG fans. I am sorry I was snappy. peace.

Spotted on the Gossip Girl Set: Agnes?

WRONG - Miss Carr's actress is NNNOOOTTT on Life UneXpected. Instead, it's a much better actress named Shiri Appleby, playing Cate Cassidy, Lux's birthmom on LU. Shiri played main character Liz on Roswell, a fabulous show that ran 7-10 years ago. She's since done stints on ER and a bunch of other quality television. Laura Breckenridge played Ms. Rachel Carr last season on GG.
Please, don't make up reasons to hate Life UneXpected. LU has nothing to do with GG's long hiatus. The CW say they didn't want the multiple long breaks they had last year, as that killed the ratings, and pissed off a lot of fans. Instead, one single agonizing break, and then episodes every week until season's end. LU is just filling part of the gap, not the cause of it. In fact, LU is only going to do half of its run in GG's vacant slot, and the other half in another vacant timeslot. If anything, those of us who are excited about LU should be pissed about that time switch.
Since there is no way that we can have GG for three months, isn't is nice that we can have something that looks to be good, even maybe great, to help while away the hours??? More on topic, love Willa Holland's character. Honestly, she was both more sane and more acting her age than Jenny has since the first season. Plus, Willa is gorgeous, and doesn't try to look like a horror actress...

What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?

Anyone else get the impression that Chuck was wondering if his "mother" was another ghost haunting him? When he looked back at the car, almost as though he wanted to ask Blair if she saw the already-placed yellow roses on Bart's grave (I assume he asked B to wait in the car, I can't imagine her leaving him more alone).
Also, it seems clear to me that it was Chuck's guilt haunting him, and not Bart himself. Bart had seemed to be trying his best (if too little too late) to be a better man in the year leading up to his death, and had applauded the maturity he saw in Chuck when he & B got together the first time. Lily may have been killing that spark of goodness in him right before his death though.
Speaking of Lily, I'm not convinced she was actually cheating on Rufus with S&E's dad. However, secrets and lies are so deeply ingrained in her makeup, that even something innocent like trying to convince Mr. VdW to reconnect with S would be something Lily would think she needs to hide. And how cold was Lily to forget that it was the anniversary of Bart's death! She's had no problem enjoying the fruits of widowhood (that gorgeous apartment, billions of dollars, control of a major corporation, and all the prestige attendant on those things), yet had the accident happened even a day later she would have been entitled to little if nothing. She is a selfish, cold, calculating bitch most of the time, and I have grave doubts that even Rufus' love will save her from herself.

Promo For First 2010 Gossip Girl Episode(s)

I am as disappointed and upset about the 3 month wait as all of you, but I really hope you don't boycott Life Unexpected because of it. I've been looking forward to that new show since I saw the first promos/sneak peeks back in the summer. It had nothing to do with GG's long hiatus. From what I've been reading (at this and other spoiler/news sites), the showrunners and the networks didn't want a repeat of last year's problems - long break over Christmas, couple of episodes, another six week break, and then push to the end. Each time there is a break, there is a drop in the ratings, and it takes time to build it back up again, sometimes only to be crushed with another break too soon after. Lots of shows are starting to do this longer, single break. LU is just filling in part of the gap, not the cause of it. LU is also going to be spending the second half of its run in another, non-GG timeslot as similar filler (although high-quality filler, IMHO).
Let's try to be patient, and spend the next three months watching & rewatching the last 3 seasons, reading the books (for those of you who care to), and living life. And enjoy the fact that with the last couple of episodes, season 3 of GG is worth watching and waiting for again!


The first episode this season that I want to rewatch - in fact, I wanted to rewatch by the time I was only half-way through!
SO many dramas, so little time, crammed into so little space. Those who see V as useless, well i think her & her mom were perfect additions to that Thanksgiving table, teasing out tantalizing tidbits that might otherwise have fallen under the table. My view of Serena, as clueless yet beautiful blonde, sadly didn't improve by the end of the episode, though it looked like it might when she apologized to Maureen. Maureen looks like she'll be adding a bit of spice to the mix over the upcoming episodes, and I like her spunk.
The Waldorf Girls storyline had a wonderful & unexpected twist that I think no one saw coming.
Nate was terrific in this episode, at turns witty, funny, poignant... both actor & character have really grown, even since last season. NS is such a better pairing than NB (not only because CB even at its most chaste/boring is the best), but right now N is really showing himself superior to S. He is trying to be a knight in shining armour, which becomes him.
Lily just shows herself to be more and more the deceitful shrew. I keep trying to like her again, and failing. Cece's almost more upfront these days than Lily...


Kinsey, it was a lost weekend Chuck was throwing for Nate, he wasn't cheating on Blair. At most he was seeing half-naked women parading around his apartment, but Blair seemed to sign off on it beforehand (she'd have liked more warning, and did warn him not to get too lost). Nate, as we know from season one, was just as close to the action when he was Blair's boyfriend, so it's not like it's an extra sleazy move by Chuck here.
If you recall, he didn't want to actually kiss anyone in their games, and was only upset (at first) with kissing Blair's male target because he only wanted to be kissing Blair. So, I don't think we have to worry about C or B cheating on each other anytime soon. However, Blair has every right to be pissed to have her lingerie "borrowed" by the "entertainment staff". I'm sure she'll come up with a suitable punishment for that slip...

Gossip Girl to Take Six-Week Winter Hiatus

I HATED last year's breaks - 5 weeks or so and then a crappy episode or two and then another long break. They f*ed up Chuck and Blair in btw the breaks, which made it all the harder. During the first long hiatus I rewatched all the previous episodes. I think it was long enough that I only had to watch one a night (but of course could never restrict myself to that...)
I was looking forward to Life UneXpected, but this scheduling does not make me happy at all. Why not stick it where The Beautiful Life was or something???

Ed and Robert

Interesting, this is the first time I've seen some sort of resemblance between the two... Had always assumed Chuck took after his mother. Will be really interested to see how the plot goes!

Tuesday A.M. Gossip Girl Reality Index Time!

"Serena asks a man: "Let me guess, you want to go upstairs and see if two blondes make a right?" Great line, but S would never think of that. Minus 2. " Think of it herself? No. Recall it as a pick up line that worked on her in the past? Sadly, yes.


Eric is TIny Tim! ROFL Plotting in Pastel!

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