Revenge Review: Opening Pandora's Box

They show the real Amanda in her red dress putting a gun on a gunbelt on her upper leg. The very first show shows her brushing off sand off her hand right before Victoria asks her " where is my son Daniel" to Amanda. I think Tyler got the box, but I did not know that Jack knew that hiding spot as someone else mentioned. And since there was an invitation left there, we know they would not invite Tyler. So maybe Jack did get the box and found out what was going on. I had really hoped the real Amanda would end up with Jack but I guess Jack and the fake Amanda really care for each other.

Revenge Exclusive: Christa Allen Dishes on Declan, Charlotte

I knew the finger prints would happen sooner or later. They get the prints from the spoon and it will come up Emily.Fake Emily used gloves when using the lighter to start the house fire so the only prints would be the original Emily too. Think this all comes together when the fake Amanda tells the fake Emily she has 5 minutes to talk. Also, back to the first show, the fake Emily brushes off sand from her hand, soon before Victoria asks her "where is Daniel? in a firm and ugly manner. Then they all run to the beach after Charlotte screams. Is Victoria going to keep the finger prints a secret so her son can get married in order for them to have the strong hold on their company? I really feel Jack really knows the fake Emily is really Amanda for some reason, he is just staying out of the picture as much as possible to be safe. I really think the fake Emily really cares for Jack as much as she did as a child, as she told the guy she fought with she did not love Daniel when he asked her.

Revenge Scoop: Murder Mystery Delayed, Tyler to Blame

Why was Emily wiping off sand on her hand on the premieme when others were asking her where Daniel was. Plus when she calls him and Jack picks up the phone it shows Emily is calling with her picture. She told the guy she did not love Daniel but he still left her and said she is now on her own and he can no longer help. What happened to the 50M he was going to give to Daniels company. I know that was a bluff from Emily to Daniel since Daniel did not understand anything the guy said. I hate to see Daniel go, but his sister is yelling his name and sturs everyone up at the party, plus the gun was left behind. If Victoria was so concerned who Emily was you would of thought they would of done fingerprints off glasses to find out she is really Amanda.Wonder if they will do prints off the gun.Or look for powder burn. Tyler needs to go. I want Emily and Jack and Sammy the dog together.

Revenge Episode Preview: "Loyalty"

Can't get my video working, can someone tell me what the promo shows for this Wednesday. And if anyone can help me fix my computer to get the video fixed please let me know. My internet provider was no help. I chatted with him for almost two hours and he even shadowed and could not fix it. thanks

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