I hate Jenny more than anything! God, why couldn't she stay away from all this story? Jenny, Vanessa and Juliet are three losers, and Vanessa is the biggest one!!!!!! Juliet is simply irrilevant and Jenny is such a loser who still needs to be considered!
Poor S, I hope she's gonna fight like she's always done!
PS Blair and Chuck always the best couple!

The Undergraduates Promo (Canada)

Yeah, Mack I agree with you!
I think it was Jenny's fault!


I do think that Chuck have been wrong about what he did, but I also think that Blair, if she loves him as she says, would have to forgive him... Cuz she knows how Chuck is. We all know it.

Dr. Strangeloved Promo

OMG I hate Jenny! WTF, I have been waiting for 3 years to see Nate and Serena together, and now she's acting like a child cuz she is jealous of serena??! OMG. I just hate her. More than anyone.


I can't wait for the season finale! I really hope we'll have no Dair, cause if it was, I'd never watch the show again! It would be a shock! Honestly I hope Serena and Nate to be together cause I really like them! And, I don't know why, I see Dan only with Vanessa! They're made for each other! And what about Jenny? I don't like her as a drug-dealer! What the hell is happening in her mind?


I have just watched the episode. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK AND WHAT TO SAY. I didn't like this episode very much: I liked only the B./N.'s part and (don't kill meeee!!) C./V.'s part. I liked C./V.'s part 'cause I've always thought that the story between B. and C. needed something to make it more exciting. And I do think that if B. knew what happened between C. and V., she would kill V. because C. belong to B. (and B. belong to C.!). So, I also think that the story between N. and B. cannot last: they've already tried to be together, but we don't have to forget that B. LOVES C.... And C. LOVES B. (we haven't heard it yet, but it's sure!). And two lovers cannot be separated. They're just playing! At least, I hope... Because I WANT CB! :)
All we have to do is wait. I know it'll be hard! =)
Ps: I thought V. was more saintly... OMFG!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: A Georgina Spinoff?

Honestly... Who cares about Georgina? :] Everyone hated her and I don't think fans would appreciate a spin-off about her!

Extended Promo For "Gone with the Will"

Well I don't think Blair and Jack slept together, but I do think that something WRONG happened on New Years... Yeah, but WHAT? Honestly, I think Jack's making "the secret" bigger than what it really is just because he thinks that Chuck would be worse and Bass Industries will be finally his!
Btw I completely agree with Kathy when she asks that Chuck is giving Blair flowers! Don't you see the Chuck's jacket too (at 0.25)? Or is it a fancy of mine? LOL!!!