Emily VanCamp to TV Fanatic: Master Plan to Be Revealed on Revenge

love this show it does rimind me of damages abit but this show gets me more involved with the characters and also Emily has growen on me even though it has only been two episodes so far and as they say. Pay-back It's a Bitch. I really hope this show does continue to grow and to expect more. Good-luck Emily Van Camp already fallen in love with it and I hope it does well this season.

Prime Suspect Review: Series Premiere

When I first saw the promo to this show i thought it was going to be typical cop/crime/drama producal show but I was wrong I loved every minute of the first episode and i hope they continue to do well in the first season. THis is different to many other cops show cause It has Detective Jane Timoney working in an all guys group who stills case away from her because of what they think she did and how she got to the top of the ladder so to speak. But I could see towards the end of the episode the guys were really starting to see who she was and why she got the job and not how they thought she was.

It Takes A Village

I soooooo can't wait for season 7 of criminal minds looks like it is going to be a good season and I do hope that all the team stays together becuase I really love them all

Bones Casting "21st Century" Season Seven Villain

I think Alan tudyk should play the Bad guy on bones he plays really great bad guys in the past please tell me they are considering him?

Burn Notice Review: "Bloodlines"

this episode from star to finish really gave me an insight to what life was like for madeline and mihael and his brother nate when michael's farther was still alive. It left me breathless watching michael act like his dad and seeing michael almost cry for having act like that. I was about to cry when michael had tears in his eyes for doing everything he promised to his mother that he wouldn't turn out like his farther. I was suprised that michael never told fiona about what he used be like and I am glad that we never have to watch michael act like this again and i think jeffery donavon will be glad that he doesn't have to act like this again even though it was just to get the bad guy talking.

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