I think that Rebekah somehow gets the cure to Klaus, he takes it and all the people in his line are turned human, he is still werewolf though. The trio is turned human, as well as Caroline and Katherine.

Love the One You're With

They're skipping a week because of the vice-presidential debates.
I feel the same way too, I would like a funeral. Don't you think Amelia & Addison would go to Seattle if both Derek & Mark were in a plane crash? I do. They love both of them.

NCIS Season 10: First Footage!

I didn't see McGee in the after-ness of the explosion!

True Blood Season 5 Finale: Sneak Peeks

Bill has gone batshit crazy, and he needs a good stake in the heart. As does Edgington.

True Blood Review: Law & Disorder

JC. People were made to believe in christianity by force, during the crusades you either believe in god or you were killed by "his" messengers. You believe and go to heaven, don't and suffer and eternity writhing in flames. Christianity is evil. As for Trueblood; last season was kinda goofy, i'm enjoying this one so far. Even Terry, i like him, he's funny. And i am curious to know what new creature will be introduced.

A Diffrent Cristina

What if in the AU Cristina's dad never died? She wouldn't have wanted to go into cardio; and maybe never dated the teacher, or Burke...

Alt Alex

In the alternate reality its a bunch of what ifs. Like for Alex i'm guessing its "What if he wasnt raised by a nut-case of a mom and a deadbeat dad." So he never was a vain-jerk, so instead of contacts he stuck with glasses and is a nice guy.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Suddenly"

5. Make your predictions for the remainder of the eighth season.
-Christina and Owen fight and realize they don't work. They Break up.
-Jackson still has the hots for Christina and they hook up.
-Owen tries to reconcile with Teddy and they both get all ragey and hook up.
-Meredith and Derek move into the dream home, so does Christina, something happens to Zola. Something critical.
-Bailey moves in with Ben.
-Mark proposes to Julia, but Lexie interrupts it and proclaims her love.
-Alex gets the pedes job.


But the first question asked it wrong. Arizona asked Callie, not the other way around. :D