Last season got a little too "ghost of the week" for me, so I've been very happy with this season's commitment to a sustained story-line.

Now if we can only get that Nazi-super-drugged demon-possessed Bloody Face vs alien showdown...


I think this season is really about how different types of evil interact with each other and the struggle for power.

You have Arden and Bloody Face which are human faces of evil (one authoritarian, one chaotic) and you have the demon and aliens which are supernatural faces of evil.


Yes, perhaps the best episode of the season (although it requires those others to make it work).

Finally we have a focus on the "insanity" of the people, not just the supernatural.

Hell Nazis are WAY scarier than aliens anyway...especially Dr. Frankenstein Nazis.


@Aleitheia: "Also, the theme is supposed to be “sanity” but haven’t seen anything mind-bending yet relating to doubting one’s sanity."

I was just saying this the other day. It doesn't seem like anyone in the asylum is actually "insane". The best we've gotten is that mentally handicapped girl. Maybe that's the point? That back in the day people who were outside the norm (read: gay, etc) were locked up as insane even though they weren't? Plus there is the whole "inmates running the asylum" idea they're going with...the people in power are worse than the patients.

Still, there has definitely been an emphasis on supernatural elements affecting sanity instead of actual plain old insanity.


I'm enjoying this season more than the 1st, mostly because I find the directing and pacing better. I also think it is more "character oriented" vs the ghost of the week stuff.

I do agree with @Flatin that I think I'd have preferred they stuck with real madness. I could even deal with the mad scientist / "zombies". The aliens and demon are a bit over the top. I'm still enjoying the show, I've just adjusted my in I don't expect all of this to pull together into any sort of cohesive whole.

(unless we get aliens vs demon vs zombie...which would be crazy!!)


I thought that Murphy said S2 wasn't going to deal with the supernatural but with madness...and then we get a demon who is sticking around.

I thought at first they might keep it in the gray he / isn't he...possessed, but that lasted all of about 5 minutes. On first impression I'm feeling like it diminishes or distracts from the real horror that is the asylum and insanity.

For now the aliens are still maybe just hallucinations of a bent mind and although the "creatures" exist they are more along the lines of human experimentation than anything supernatural.

But, now that we have the demon I wonder if it'll end up connecting back to S1 an oblique prequel (i.e. Prometheus & Alien)


@Matt: I couldn't agree with your review more. As much as I liked season 1 it felt hollow to me. I couldn't get invested in the characters and eventually it just became about the ghosts. I'm still not convinced that they knew it was going to be a miniseries until halfway through.

@JCinci: "The editing style on AHS Season 2 is over the top hyperactive."

That's interesting because I felt that season 1 suffered from that and season 2 was much better shot and paced.


If they are going to make Bill evil then they need to pay it off with him killing a major in a season 1 character.

If there weren't a book series associated with it and if we weren't dealing with having to have enough men around for Sookie to rotate through, I'd think Alcide (spelling?) would be the perfect choice. He's an A-lister as far as Sookie-nookie is concerned but he really has no place in the show right now.

Have Bill slaughter him and his pack and he's earned that evil title...with the added benefit of reducing the number of useless characters.


Seeing as I just watch the show, I'm a Bill man. I think he embodies the "southern gothic" vibe the show has when it's at it's best. Eric's "viking prince" thing feels a bit out of tune sometimes.

I'm happy they made Bill go all the way with losing his humanity instead of wimping out at the end. Now Billith can go about wreaking havoc before Bill tries to turn back.

I predict at the conclusion of Billith, the Lillith-part will be destroyed and Bill will be reborn...a moral again...thus setting up the "now that Sookie as a human Bill, does she need a vampire Eric?" for season 7.


I find all of the Bill-bashers / Eric-apologizers interesting...

I imagine it all stems from book-readers who want the show to follow the Eric/Sookie-ship, but it's funny how Bill gets thrown under the bus for doing vampire things (like killing) and Eric gets a free pass as the anti-hero.

I find the Bill/Eric and Bill/Eric/Sookie thing a bit more annoying every season since it plays out like:

1. Bill = Louie / Eric = Lestat: Bill is introduced as the first hero and is a self-hating vampire who longs for his humanity. Eric is introduced first as an enemy / antihero and then evolved into a hero.

2. Bill = Angel, Sookie = Buffy, Eric = Spike: Bill is the "vampire with a soul" and Eric is a bad guy who goes good because of the love of a good woman. Heck Angel even loses his soul to become "Angelus" who is evil and relishes in all those vampire things (Billith anyone?).