Words can't be said about how happy & exciting that finale was. It touched bases with everything! - Perry White's "Great Ceasar's Ghost!" was awesome to hear. - Oliver didn't have a lot to do with the end but I'm okay with that. With so much they wanted to bring back for the finale (characters, storylines) there wasn't room for everyone. Even though Michael Rosenbaum did get a huge amount of screentime I didn't expect that. - Can't say enough for the two main actors, Clark & Lois. Great acting, I believed their vows were to each other. I imagine the Vancouver/Langley area will definitely miss them and the cast. - Jimmy Olsen 2! Awesome cameo by his 'brother'. Very memorable way too, showing he still can't take a good action picture of Clark. - The ending scene of Clark being so clumsy, he's got that down to a T. Favourite show, loved the ending totally will miss the series!


I'll keep watching it, surprised I enjoy it still after they killed off Det. Winters. I thought the killer was definitely plausible, there was a murder within the last year involving a man from a dating show, I can't remember his name offhand but the victim (his girlfriend) was identified by the serial number in her breast implants when she was found out in the ocean. He ended up running from the police, and finally was in BC, Canada where he committed suicide in a hotel room. Just think that could have been another angle they could have gone with the "ex-dating gameshow reject". Interesting episode regardless, hoping for more from this team! Lieutenant got some screentime this episode too eh.


For those agreeing with Dave Grohl, remember he's not slagging the show he's just slamming Ryan Murphy.
Why are you saying that Glee is garbage?

Glee Round Table: "Original Song"

Actually, Kathy Griffin's character was a shadow/copy of Christine O'Donnell. She was on a talk show and mentions (years ago) that she used to dabble in witchcraft, and other crazy/hilarious things. Loves Twitter, and thinks Obama is a terrorist.
But I can't see why bother having her in the show.

Chuck Review: A Turn to the Dark Side?

There's so many sub-characters I don't think it's necessary for the two doofus' to have a storyline every episode lest they be overused.
Awesome hasn't had much storyline either the past few weeks, and that's okay. Granny Bartowski has been away this and the previous episode too. If they don't have a good plot for any of the above characters, don't just throw them in so they get some airtime. It was pleasant to see Big Mike with a few lines about bopping Morgan's Mom!


I don't think they've focused enough on it, especially since their airtime dates are so scattered it's hard to keep track in a running storyline such as this.
Hoping that Jamie brings in the old man, or Grandpa to help him finish this particular plot line.

Blue Bloods Review: "Dedication"

I like your question.
I can see something with regards to Jamie being threatened in response to his questions about the "Blue Templar" from the sleazy looking detective really pushing him in that direction.
Basically it coming down to something or someone hurting his family, eg. ADA Erin getting assaulted and him shooting the guy in the forehead.

TV On My Terms: Good vs. Glee-Vil

Interesting comparison, but I think the wrong demographic for NOF. That being said, I quit after the first 3-5 episodes but reading your rant/blog about it, I'll have another look at this show!

Glee Review: Lots of Luck, Santana

Too much of Blaine and the Warbelers, one song from Kurt, Blaine, and then another at the end? Kurt left Glee club so keep him out of the show.
Or actually make sense with their stories. Though I did like the blonde hair guy turning down Blaine, just because he's gay does NOT make him outspoken, or flamboyant, he had no right to embarass someone else like that.

The Mentalist Review: "Red Alert"

I compare this show to Castle a lot, and one big thing Mentalist has in it's favour is Robin Tunney compared to Castle's lead detective.

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