The Survivor: Nicaragua Winner Is...

Re: Rite of Passage. I Can see them keeping it for the actors(?), but don't think it needs to be aired. It probably does affect them but it did nothing for me. A little reminiscing of some of the ones that were voted out earlier on. Glad Fabio won, some of the voting did surprise me though. And that Marty hated Chase so much, glad he stuck with his friendship with Fabio as did Benry.


Why is he out of line? It's his opinion. He's a grown man, let his mom give him crap for his language. I'd be annoyed too, and if the actor had an issue about the script he should've brought it up earlier. Not like they had an entire episode around him, then said "scratch that, 2 lines for you."

Survivor Round Table: "This is Going to Hurt"

Thinking about it for a few minutes, I came up with a simple strategy for Jane. She obviously saw Chase having issues with voting her off that night, so talk to him in private and plead about how Sash wormed his way in, and that he was talking badly about Chase, and how he backstabbed his BFF on the island, Brenda, then explain it's best for Fabio/Dan to vote Sash and stop that alliance before it's those 3 vs. Fabio & Dan. But, that's why I'm a viewer and not a player. I can't imagine living off rice for that long without eating normally. I'll be glad when this episode is over, if nothing else then the fact that come this spring there will probably be a new season hopefully with a cast that's more strategic late in the show, then get booted off in the first half (Marty, Brenda, JJ).
I wonder if Jimmy T will show up for the finale, just to hear him rant about how nobody listens to him and he has ideas!

Family Guy Review: "Road to the North Pole"

Watched it, but I didn't enjoy it. I don't care if I am a true fan, a real fan, or what. I just did not enjoy this episode very much. Wasn't bad, just too over the top for me.

Smallville Review: "Icarus"

I liked this episode, granted I'm not very critical of Smallville at all this season, as I think this is one the best seasons it has had.
There wasn't a lot they could have done with Slade anymore, not if they're going to have the other 3 as the "boss baddies" (Godfrey, Granny, ?) so it was smart that they ended his current story for now, and I liked his episode.
Would've made more sense to mention if that sword was made out of kryptonite though, just in case Clark showed up not Hawkman. I can imagine him "Oh no, a flimsy sword." /touch you with my emblem crystal. When Hawkman mentioned to Clark that he had been there when the darkness was previously I thought it hinted that he had been there to help guide a leader, or someone else rather then become the take charge kinda guy, or that he would sacrifice himself then for someone else as well.

Survivor Review: To Benry Or Not To Benry

I can't imagine giving Dan my vote though, he hasn't done anything this game. Simply moved from alliance to a different one when Marty was voted off. He didn't do any strategizing, like how last season's winner did a little bit at least.
Though he was hilarious when he called Sash out, and Sash couldn't get a word out.
Surprised Benry's gone. Wish the guys had stuck together, Fabio must realize he's on the outs now since even Dan didn't vote with him against Holly.

A Very Glee Christmas: Round Table Discussion

I don't think Finn & Rachel need to be together for a good story. Maybe because they haven't had much plot tv time lately, from what I remember of the past episodes it's been all about Kurt. Them breaking up was thrown at as like Sectionals was!


I didn't realize ratings in my demographic were that bad, such a good show.

Smallville Review: Raised By a Luthor

I thought the same thing with his "Wouldn't want to miss how it all turns out" with his classic sneer/grin look.
There's a few storylines he can join with a snap too, either on Darkseid's evil alliance or he can nurture Lex/Alexander until he's ready for a showdown with Clark. - I've never read the comics but I think someone commenting will bring up Ultraman. Loved Oliver's line about the name though, "what were you thinking? Did it look good on paper?"

The Office Review: "China"

wow it really is. That's what I imagine past president Regan looks like. Awesome episode, my wife has a friend that texts like that and since she has an old school cell phone, it takes minutes to type a single text. This friend does not get that we hate to text back, ARGH. Pigions = cool though