Terriers Review: "Hail Mary"

Wow I didn't realize this show was this close to canceling, that would be such a shame with how great it is.
Not much to say about the episode itself, just a good finale to a long storyline. Neat how they wrapped most of the plot twists up and put it on the feet of one person. - Wonder why the lawyer gave up his boss rather then die, maybe he was quite a wimp without his brawn around.

Glee Round Table: "Special Education"

Kurt needs to stay off the show for a few weeks, if nothing else then to actually come across as him NOT part of the New Directions. If he comes back next week, then there was simply no reason for any of this storyline. I don't think Rachel & Puck will get together, I imagine she'll just whine for Finn. I'm not going to complain about the storyline, then want Sue Sylvester. She hasn't had much of a proper plot since last season, so I don't mind not having her in 1 episode. I don't think she'd have contributed to these anyway, so leave her out of it. Emma/Carl is still meh, all right I understand you don't like Will but you continue to help him, spend time with him, and then confess to your boyfriend and marry him? If she was in love with Carl so much, either explain it to us viewers one way or another or don't take such a drastic step. Marriage isn't a silly plot device, and I don't think it should be used like one. Neither should sex, glad it didn't get that far for Puck & Rachel, but that was weird on it's own. Especially since Puck is the one that stopped it, in the flashback, she seemed ready for it. Hopefully she'll realize that she isn't a nice person and decides to do something about it that we see.

The Mentalist Review: "Red Hot"

Wow, remember it's only season 3. Many drama shows with the crime/cop aspect easily last 6+ seasons, L&O twice that. There's plenty of time for them to 'date' or like SVU just stay partners.

Glee Review: A New Direction for Kurt

Maybe I'm alone here, but I'm hoping that now that Kurt is at another school he won't be in the show so much. I don't think I should have to defend my thoughts on this, but I'll write it down that I just don't care for his personality or actions.
He had no problem talking to the principal about being bullied, but why not mention that he forced a kiss? At least the bully will have to actually deal with his feelings then and probably would have been expelled you would think.
Meh, C+ episode. I didn't care for all the jumbled plotlines in the A storyline, and the B story was boring and lead nowhere, other then Sue has mommy issues and got over them her own way.


I was a big fan of BSG and that's the only revival that I've seen, and I'm too young to have seen the original for most of those shows.


Happy Turkey Day to my American friends!

The Walking Dead Review: "Vatos"

You don't need to follow the comic to enjoy a great show. I watch Smallville without ever reading a Superman comic book. Talk about unpredictable! I don't think anyone would've expected the zombie attack at the end, or the younger blonde getting killed. It really brings an element of random to the show that hadn't been seen as much so far.

The Walking Dead Review: "Tell It to the Frogs"

Something else worth mentioning about Merle's haggard look is that he's a drug user. I'm assuming coke or something harsh, that's going to make anyone look sleezy, not like he was on camera much before he was left there to make an unbiased opinion other then he was a racist d-bag.

Dexter Review: Sprinting Toward Suspense

I wondered if Quinn takes Lindey out himself, maybe he's keeping an eye on Deb (Quinn) and notices Lindey trying to approach her with some evidence of Dexter being a guilty person, kills Lindey and destroys the evidence.
I'm a bit surprised that Dex hasn't noticed he's being tailed though, I guess the guy is more after Lumen though then Dexter himself.
I think it makes sense for him to explain himself to Astor why Lumen's in the house, but he handled it best by saying "she's had some very tough things to deal with..." and that she understood why he was. About Deb though, I don't think she'll find out this season that Dexter is a murderer. She might think that someone is, but not Dex. Or soon after she has the idea, some "new evidence" or something gets placed at a crime scene to throw her off the trail, he wouldn't or shouldn't let a police officer get that close to his Dark Passenger. I can't believe there's only 3 more episodes left for this season! It went so quickly.


I really thought Chuck had escaped from his lair and told Ellie the truth! It sounds like with her new laptop she'll get the truth out of him with that at least.
Awesome and hilarious episode, and it was neat seeing Zachary Levi (Chuck) on Conan the same night.

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