My major hope is that nuJason will be as different from old Jason as nuLucy was. Great way to shake things up.

Teen Wolf Review: What Revelations?!

Totally agree with you. What a wasted hour.
1. Liam was the best part of the hour he actually has two "friends" one human and another beta. Scott has been totally useless as his alpha.
2. When did Kira lose her kick-ass powers?
3. When did Scott lose his kick-ass powers?
4. On a positive note Stilinski took his son and werecoyote girlfriend to dinner.
5. No idea what is going on with Deacon and the "third eye" guy.
6. Although I love the actor - Kate has been a total waste this season.
7. Loved that Parrish (whatever he is) is probably going to save Chris Argent. They better expand his role next season. All in all WTF how are they going to tie up anything the next episode unless everything spills over into Season 5 which means they were spinning their wheels the whole season.


Personally I was hoping that Sookie and Sam would wind up together as in the books.

Teen Wolf Review: Huh?

I got nothing. I agree with you everything was really muddled. We knew that the big bad was going to be Peter. This episode didn't have any clarity. Derek is going to take a leadership role - good. Where is lovely Liam with his 18 million points? Tell me he will be the key to the defeat of Peter - I still say he is the true beta. Plus we got nothing more on the intriguing Parrish. The only thing I loved was that Chris was kicking ass again.

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Perception Review: Sex, Lies and Murder

Donnie is the one who shouldn't trust Kate. Daniel has rubbed off on her and she can't function with a non-schizophrenic.


This was an excellent episode. I teared up when the son and father were reunited. I also loved how they went down the rabbit hole with the case.

Tyrant Review: Treason

A very accurate summary of the episode. I have no idea what the ultimate resolution of this will be - because it is too obvious.

Kate Mansi Interview

It's a soap so I predict that Abbie and Ben (I hope) will become closer with this. Despite the fandom's obsession with Sami I hope that Will puts a bullet in her stern and becomes his mother's son.

Suits Round Table: “Gone”

A fine roundtable the consensus was quite clear.

Teen Wolf Review: Phoenix Rising

To be fair the Hunters used sound as a weapon on the werewolves and I think it has been established that their hyperhearing is one of their weaknesses.

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