Gossip Girl Caption Contest 127

Serena: Dont u just love the roundness and suppleness this artwork has to offer? It's simply magnificent in it's rare untainted form. Colin thinking: is she talking about her breasts or that ridiculous painting?


Chair will get together eventually... It's a must. I just wonder wi the worters of gg always put Blair in this situation where she is always trying to climb up socially become part of this and that. She's Blair freakin Waldorf! She don't need to climb anywhere! As for Serena. I wish she would grow up! She cannot be thinking about Dan anymore cuz that would be like incest. Nate and Serena mite make a couple but Nate is even less mature and blind by a woman and her good looks. Serena can never take responsibility for anything... Maybe that the reason Juliet is after her.


I think that shonda has finally caved into people asking for a real wedding and maybe it is because of something... maybe derek thinks that mer will get alzhiemers and actually bieng married would be better so that he can make decisons about her care some day....


90210 definitely needs new writers and directors to pick this show up if it wants to last more than this season... The original ran for ten years in which the story never got old and it made for great viewing... I like to storyline of teddy, its nice and fresh but if they don't stop hemming and hawwing with it people will get bored. Annie needs a good story, she is taleneted. Nilver wont last becuz no matter what navid will never be over Adrianna.
The rest of the cast has potential but they are not directed well. Anyone can be a good actor, they need direction... even AnnaLyne McCord!!!
We will have to see what happens, but i have a strong feeling this season may be the last season, or they may have a shortened season 4.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 227

Mer: So my fortune teller tells me that you and george will leave the show in the most stupidest way... Izzie: Your fortune teller? Seriously! George: Dont mock the fortune teller... thats just bad juju...

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 117

S: I'm standing my ground kill me or vanessa! Right Now!!!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 21

Stefan: Shhhh... Elena he's gone, that fugly wannabe vampire edward cullen is gone... he won't be smelling you anymore...

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 221

Mer: Hmmmm... just two more seasons of this seriously dialogue and I'm outta here...

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 115

chuck: I cant believe they passed over me for edward.... eva: haha chuck: whats so funny? eva: cuz you would have slept with bella, alice, rosalie and jane and the line I'm chuck bass would do nothing if you were fighting James... chuck: oh shut up phlegm!!

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 217

Wait a repost...
Derek: Nothing...
Owen: Nothing?
Arizona (in shock): Nothing...
Mark and Lexie: Nothing?
Christina: What do you mean nothing? I was gonna be all hardcore and wear my diaper for Mer's seriously speech... *sniff*

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