This show has gotten back on its feet. After the first half of season 3 which was way too long I thought that Eddy and Adam have reached the end of their creative range... but I was wrong... (the 2nd half was only good because of adding Cora into the mix) The stories are coming together rather nicely and its only the first three episodes... My only thing is that this independence streak in Emma is getting old.. They need to move on from this and allow Emma to open up fully already... She clearly cannot do everything on her own and she is her parents daughter, they never leave well enough alone and until she accepts that she will put them more in danger if she tries to keep them 'safe' or trying to do things on her own...


Oh I hope its the president who is the killer... after all he was in the CIA and he was George's boss as well... It would give Kieth Carradine more to do seeing as he can be very good given the right role... I think making the chief of staff the obvious villain is just a throw away... I'm liking this show more and more and Tea Leoni is back in business... Bebe Neurwith's character needs to get over herself...


I like Maggie. I don't get why Shonda has to always make Mer go angry when she gets a new sibling... I mean isn't this over already? I get not believing it at first but all that was just ridic!!!
I like Maggie, she's an interesting character and I can't wait to see more of her ! Mer must get over herself and they need to stop with this character assasination...


Love this bit of casting... I think Matthew will be a great addition.
Altho im pretty sure half of the ppl will boo this idea. Will gone Finn in. Love it.
Lockhart and Polmar. Could be good.
I dont want Alicia to hook up with him... Maybe Kalinda.

The Good Wife Review: The Unexpected

Hell Yes I WILL STILL WATCH EVERY SINGLE EPISODE FROM NOW UNTIL THE SERIES FINALE! This episode was brilliant and may be the first time I have liked Will all season.
I think that the portrayals by everyone were amazing and the show was done brilliantly.
Forget all your feelings about Will/Alicia. At the end of the day Josh Charles wanted to leave. They needed to find a way to give his character a send off and make it so that what happened in this episode can create a new direction for the show.
When you look at it, people die all the time, what happened in that court is very real. I think it was done very brilliantly. I am impressed.


Exacles... I loved the Neverland story line and the show in general. This is one of the shows where the story line make sense. Haters gonna hate but this was a brilliant episode... Cant wait for next week...


I agree with the kids part... Its those photos all over again... They think they are so smart and I can't believe that the Kings would use that again. They got so much flack for it the first time!
I wish Grace and Zack would just leave, They are irritating and idiotic. Grrr! Somehow I don't think Will was the one who gave the reporter the video. I mean thats what everyone thinks and it would be easy to assume that but I think it was someone else. Maybe thats the shocking moment? It wouldn't make sense for Will to do it because in the end he could get implicated in it.

Reign Review: Two Princes

Im glad Clarissa is dead. She was a freak who killed people.
Next to die should be Catherine. I know that might not happen but I love her when she's defeated. Most entertaining.
Nostradamus should also die soon. I hope Henry kills him. Or they Kill each other. That would be epic. Henry should die before Bash is legitimized so Francis becomes King. That would be dramatic and amazing...

Grey's Anatomy Review: Listen to Your Heart

Quite frankly Leah is the one behind this whole lawsuit crap and she is just a total and complete idiot mess.
Five minutes ago she was shagging Alex and being all clingy, then during a night of drunkeness she becomes gay and in love with Arizone? I don't buy it. Shonda should just get rid of her, Shane and Steph. I was getting used to Steph esp after her run in with Catherine but if she is going to listen to that bag of crap Leah then she deserves to just die. Avery didn't force her to have sex with her. She wanted it too. What he did was wrong but I'm sorry they were not a couple.

Arrow Review: The Canary Is Free

I liked the episode in general, it was an amazing way to introduce Ra's Al Ghul to us and I am happy for that.
Laurel and Felicity irritate me.
Even if Felicity doesn't trust Moira, I get that. Its understandable. What right doe she have to go snooping and find out things that do not concern her. Thea is Malcolm's daughter, but knowing that, telling Oliver only makes things worse. Its true Thea will find out but it will only make things worse for someone who does not deserve any more pain. All Felicity did was make more people get hurt so she doesn't have to feel guilty about keeping to herself what she found out. Also Laurel should just die now. She's clearly given up on life so she should just die. Her alcoholism is boring and stupid. Katie Cassidy is beneath this role.