Amazing episode!!!! So much happened! I just love how Adam and Edward take fairy tales and give them that amazing twist!!! Brilliant!!!!!!
I'm sure that the guy at the beginning was Bae. Altho we all thought August was Bae so we'll see...
An amazing twist would be that Bae turns out to be Henry's father... Or Hook?!? This show is gonna be amazing on a thousands levels!!!

Scandal Episode Teaser: An Act of Infidelity

Abby needs to freaking chill out already... Seriously already!

Fringe Review: Trip Mix 6

Is there any hope that they could get another season? Good Lord! How are they going to fit everything that needs to be shown in 13 eps!! Loved this ep! I have a sneaking suspicion that Walter will die at the end... TVLine made a prediction that either Peter, Olivia or both Peter and Olivia will die. But I'm sure it's gonna be Walter.
I started of not liking Fringe but now I am hooked!!! I liked the end scene, not all hope is lost. This is one of the best shows, completely under-rated.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Going Going Gone"

1. Every scene was amazing! Loved this episode in its entirety. Altho when Bailey finds out what her nickname meant. That was hillarious!!! 2. Don't care about the interns, but they will probably be a device to show Alex, Mer and Christina how they started. 3. Christina will be back, she hates being part of a team. She wants to be a rock star all on her own. But I'm pretty sure Mayo will fire her. 4. I really thought arizona died. She's just gonna irritate me with her oh woe is me thing. She lost a leg. She's alive. She's well. Mark and Lexie are dead. I know this sounds callous but she does need to snap out of it. Also if she never kicked Alex of the case, she would be fine. Her leg was probably infected. And the only recourse was to cut it. 5. Mark, you were an amazing friend. You were the catalyst that brought and end to a failed marriage and pushed ur best friend to find his soul mate. You are now with your Soul Mate. Rest In Peace.


Nope Mr Mitchell. ABC asked her to cut from Private Practice. Not from Grey's. Private Practice is a costs a lot and even moving it to a new night never helped boost ratings much so they had to cut the ep order and get rid off one of the regulars.
Chyler did want to leave and Kim Ravers options ended. Why would they just fire them? Lexie is a fan favorite. If they r in the money making business, why cut their noses? I think Shonda made the right decision, not the best, but the right one in this case. Mark could never leave Sophia unless he died. And even if Shonda didn't kill Lexie and made her go off somewhere else. It wouldn't be credible as Lexies life is in Seattle. Plus how would that make Mark look if he left Sophia to be with Lexie? Not cool at all!

Stockard Channing Cast on The Good Wife As...

Called It! Months ago!!!!


Cannot Believe that she killed Pete tho. Its just ridiculous! I still don't know why he's option was not renewed? It just doesn't make sense?!?
Its like Shonda decides to cut actors that piss her off or dare to do something else while they work on her show.


Happy that Amelia is doing well. She needs to find the right person now and settle down or move to Seattle to be with Derek. Felt sorry for Sheldon but at least he is getting a story line finally! I hope he survives. Would miss him...


Loved the structure of the episode. It worked very well here. Mark tinker was great at directing this episode.
I was shocked that Addie chose Jake, but I think it's the right choice. I think that Jake is the right person for her because she needs someone who can take the crazy and calm her down. Sam and Addie will have a deep friendship, that started in Med School and blossomed in to something more after but at its core their relationship is based on friendship. Sometimes love is not enough. Sam never wanted more kids, even though he chose to want her Henry, it came too late. It did. Shonda was clever in this regard, because its real. Its something people go through. I've had a similar situation. I laughed SO hard when Charlotte said she was pregnant with triplets! Best news ever. It's gonna be SUCH and amazing story for the two of them! I want her to give birth! Maybe she won't end up with all three, but it would be the cruelest thing Shonda could ever do if she killed the babies off!!! Happy Amelia is doing well.

Partners Premiere Review: Grade It!

Loved it. Except they should have made Brandon Routh's character more butch. He's acting as a slightly slow witted gay nurse comes off very awkward and stupid.
I'll watch anything with Sophia Bush and Michael Urie. Amazing chemistry with those two.
I also loved the boy who played Loius/ Lewis's younger character. So funny!!!!

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