Sleepy Hollow Review: I Give You The Truth

I think that this episode was good. I like the horror and spooky=ness of it all. I don't think that this episode was boring, I think that they are trying to let the story take its time to progress. The premise of the show is not something that can last for six seasons at a fast pace. The pace has to be slow, there is a lot they do not know or understand. The only person who believes in everything is Ichabod and he will need to make Abby a believer. She is on the road but is not necessarily there yet. Accoring to Michael Aushole, John Cho will recur so it isn't the last we've seen of deputy Andy. I think we must just wait for the story to progress in it's own time.


Ugh this is just plain dumb. I mean Gordon does hae a lot of story in the comics and he is an integral character in the Batman world but this will not work out so good. There has never been a Batman-Type show that has lasted long. But I guess Fox and DC want to create a lot of hype surrounding the Sequel to Superman so this would be the way to go...

Agents of SHIELD Review: Welcome to Level 7

I was impressed. It has all the markings of a great show. The writing needs to stay on point and people need to watch as often so we can at the very least have five seasons.

Person of Interest Review: A New Dawn

I really enjoyed the episode... Shaw makes for one hell of an asset... I hope she continues in the same way and we get more backstory about her. I hope she becomes central to the plot.
I think that this is the season of the machine. It will unearth itself to the public. I think it realizes what Root wants to do and it wants to help her.
This will be an amazing season. Hope it continues in this vain.

NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Laughing is Good

So excited to watch this episode. It was freaking awesome. I just don't know how Michelle was able to use that curtain to climb up. Must have been very anchored to something!
Janvier has become THE villain of the series, I think its good. I hope that someone uses their brains and turns his daugther. That is the smart move.
I am so glad that Sidarov died and it was Deeks who took him down. Best momenet of the episode and my top Deeks moment. ECO was great in his episode. I am impressed.
I hope that they somehow write Kensei's pregnancy into the plot of the show. It would be different and create an even more complex Densei story.
Lastly the new opening sequence is so good!!!


Total miscast.... She's too young to play Amanda Waller. In the past all of the iterations of Amanda Waller were played by older actresses... Even the bio for her is that she is a middle aged person. I don't know which direction they are going with this but I hope they don't screw it up...


No I do not believe that Calder is genuine. He is a fkn ahole who needs to be killed by the end of the season. Seriously his whole face and demeanour is just screaming for a punch. He has done nothing to engender any trust or anything. If he was genuine we would have seen him trying to get Annie on his side. He has made himself much more weary.
There is no truth to Henry being good. I rewatched every episode of Covert Affairs thus far and there is nothing so far to implicate the Campbells or Auggie even indirectly having a hand in Jai's death. Lena was solely responsible for his death. He was onto her and she eliminated him. She came after Annie because she needed Annie involved with Simon Fischer so she could kill them both and then be done with the whole saga.
Henry wants power, Arthur took it from him so he wants it back. Lexington Global is just his side business until he gets back into the CIA. Or once he has destroyed the CIA his business will take over everything the CIA would be doing.


Covert affairs is severly irritating me because I just don't understand why henry is so hell bent on destroying Arthur and Joan. It wasn't Arthur who killed Jai it was Lenah. This whole plot needs to be resolved ASAP. It sucks beyond belief now.
I also hate Calder so I hope Ben comes back and kills him. He is a major major major major fkn douchbag turd face...

Suits Review: Time Machine

I just think that Harvey is a right old a-hole and I hope he looses. I hope he looses and gets fired from Pearson Darby. Its just so irritating! Harvey brought it upon himself when he hired that idiot mike so the only person he can blame for what happened is himself. Jessica didn't not want Harvey to be a managing partner, they couldn't beat Hardman without Darby and Darby in being there made sense at the time. Harvey just needs to get over himself already and move on.

Royal Pains Review: Raised and Glazed

Van Dyke wasn't brought in for Divya, he was brought in because Hank and Evan know that he could be a serious contender for the Concierge business that Shelby wants to make.
Even if Van Dyke wants to get involved with Divya , there is the bun that is in her oven that could stop that from happening. Also Jeremiah clearly has his eyes set on Divya and will hopefully get over his fears and anxieties and ask her out. Hank is emotional and wants Divya to be safe because he has seen so much bad befall all of them in the last few years and with everything Divya has gone through it wouldn't be fair for something more to happen. I know not all of this was made clear, but in a show that has limited episodes per season they have to move over and glaze some stuff. It should all come together soon I hope. And I hope they get a full season order this time.