This finale sucked ass. They need to borrow a writer from supernatural. What was the point of kol and the hybrids or witches or whatever, if we weren't gonna have a good fight? Klaus was awesome. Love jmo. My heart did a happy dance when he popped up. And that kiss was so sweet and akward. Man he and car are great togehter. And what is the point of jer being back? How are they gonna explain to people that that wasn't him at his funeral. Retarded writing there plec. Jeez. Silas/Stepehen was a shock. Cool. Whatever. Beks and matt were amazing. Why are the originals so awesome on this show. Dnt really care abt the core group anymore. Beks was beyond beautiful this ep. Loved her smkile at the end.


I have always liked crowley. NO MORE!!! Ohhh he was freaking evil this ep. Like really and truly the king of hell. And this ep creeped me outttttt!!! Abbadon's hand was DISGUSTING! And the dude exploding in the beginning. The demoln room. The demon from the exorcism. All creep factors. It was a great hour of television though. And I'm starting not to trust metatron. Why close the gates now? Had plenty of time b4 then, instead of hiding in his hidey hole with his books. The finale is gonna be great


1. Anything with beks. Car was freaking great when she thought her mom died.
2. I dislike elana so idc which is bk, although bitchy elana was kinda cool and Nina killed the scene with her getting her emotions back.
3. Rebekah, of course. I have such a girl crush on Claire Holpt . I did like car with the flash cards and energy bars comment. That was funny.
4. Send Matt to the originals so we can get more matt and beks time. He could be Sophie busboy
5. Sheriff Forbes can die. Silas should have never came around and Tyler is good as dead. So it will probably be bon bon lol


The actually gasped when damon "killed" matt. That's the damon I love. Too bad we back to theelana.Ihate. Ireally.hate good girl elana. And shouldn't there be consequences of killing a doppolganger (spell check). Oh and didn't they say kat was a doppolganger 2? Why haven't we seen whoever the original person is. Maybe that would get season 5 on track cause idk where they're gonna go without the originals and if elana kills kat. No one wants 2 see vamps in college. Hell they barely went 2 high school. And car was amazing this ep. Silas is lame as hell. Oh and nina was on point wiht the crying scene. Loved that. And my darling beks. Maybe matt will move 2 new orleans and they can be together. I love beks. Oh and bonnie was lame as usual

Once Upon a Time Review: Killing Magic

I LOVE RUMP'S GIGGLE!!! Its so deliciously horrible lol. Love regina/rump/gold scenes. And man regina really is evil. Like horribly, umredeemably EVIL. And someone said it right SOCIOPATH!!! Henry was so cute in this ep. Was more like mischievous henry from s1. Loved neal in this ep. Next week looks awesome


Klaus and elijah are all Ineed. My fave scene was when klaus bit marcel's vamp and the whole "I'm immortal" bit. That is klaus at his best. Man that was awesome. The entire time, I'm like marcel does not know who he talking shit 2. Klaus is a brand new kinda crazy lol.
Now to ELIJAH!!! Lord Ilove me some elijah. And hearing him say either katerina or niklaus gets me gooey. And his superior attitude rocks. Klaus is arrogant. Elijah is superior. Freaking love it. And he is so determined to save klaus. Its so sweet. He even let go of his beloved katerina for niklaus.
And now to beks. I applaud julie plec for finding these 3 actors. Beks is so amazing. And she can hold her own with klaus and elijah. And when she's emotional, SIGH. I seriously think the originals are the only reason Iwatch tvd cause the rest of em are so extra boring.
Oh and marcel is bad ass. Die hayley die. Sophie better than bon bon. Camille will hopefully die. The originals will do better than tvd

Hannibal Review: A Haunting Premiere

This show is a winner. Hannibal is so daggone creepy. Lord Iwas disgusted, fascinated, and horrified all by one character, in one hour. Its excellent. I'm so intrigued by will. I want to know the story bhind him so bad. I'm engrossed

Supernatural Review: Guess Who's Back!

Now THAT was a good ep. BOBBYYYYYYYY!!!! Love seeing his cranky ass. Never knew Iwould like hearing "balls"... congrats to the actors cause that was an emotional ass ep. Man oh man. And CROWLEY!!! MarkSheppard is freaking awesome. I've loved crowley since his first appearance. He just gets better and snarkier lol. This ep was sooo good and Ido not trust naiomi. Heck no. She is up to all kinds of no good. Still wondering how this season will end. April 24 not coming fast enough

Supernatural Review: Young Blood

I liked the ep. My problem is this: if they close the gates of hell at the end of this season, what will season 9 be like. I want the boys to have a happy ending, but this show is abt their happy ending in the far off future. Hell Istill need them to hunt monsters or fight angels or something. Hoping season 9 isn't abt the process of a happy ending. Oh and my fave quote from the ep was dean saying the vamp guy was usain bolting to the van. Hilarious

Elijah Returns!


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