Modern Family Review: Head Check

This was a pretty great episode.
Lots of funny moments.
I loved both Manny and Gloria trying to help each other out at the end of the episode. Poor Manny is now Pink shirt but he also calls 2 of his fellow students by there nicknames.
I wish Luke would have won the wrestling match just to shut Gil up!
The lice story line played out in typical Modern Family fashion.

Nashville Review: Breaking Point

We all knew that Juliette would not move to LA. It just solidifies my theory that by seasons end Juliette will be an artist on Rayna's label. It really looks like Juliette has changed. I hope it sticks when she has a record deal again. I like that she only wanted Avery's version of her song to be heard, not the one she recorded in LA. I also like that she did not let Glenn quit. He has been somewhat of a father figure for her too.
As soon as Gunnar, Avery and Zoe were singing together I thought of Lady A and I hope Rayna signs them too! I really like the 3 of them as a band.
I do not see things ending will for Scarlett and Liam.
I kind of too wish it was Teddy that died, I know it is harsh and Lamar was not a good guy on any level, but neither is Teddy.
I have this weird feeling something with happen between Teddy and Megan.
Yes I too saw Rayna's breakdown coming.
I am a little mad at Rayna for not telling Juliette Thank you for coming to the funeral.


Nope I did too!


Wow! I liked this episode! Way more than 1 star!
I have wanting Elena and Stephan to get back together for a long time but it is not Elena it is Katherine and I found myself talking to the tv and telling Stephan NOOOO, when he was kissing her.
One thing I did not get was how did Stephan and Katherine get Damon out of the house, when she entered and Damon tried to push her out the door she was trapped in the house. Was the barrier broken when Stephan snapped his neck?
I loved that Stefan put together that Katherine is in Elena's body.
So who will cure Nadia now that she has been bitten by Tyler?


So glad to have this show back after such a long break.
I am not a fan of April's but I knew she would run off with Jackson and even though Shonda tried to trick us by having April run out of the car and Leah say that April, Jackson and Stephanie were all unhappy. I knew they were together, however I was not expecting them to be married but I like that revelation at the end.
Shane should be gone! He should not have been allowed back at the hospital. Yes people will argue that Mer should not have been allowed back after messing with the trial awhile back, but still Shane should be gone.
I like Webber but there are times he forgets he is no longer Chief and he disrespects Owen every time he does that. I am glad Owen said something to Webber.
I do not see a happy ending for Callie and Arizona. They are fine at the moment but I just do not see Arizona ever giving Callie a break.
I felt bad for Alex, being turned down for his proposal and losing his dad in one shift. As much as he will fight it, it hurt to lose his dad.
Sorry but Leah gave Stephanie the wrong advise and I think telling the board she was harassed was awful. The idea of it being Leah that complained is interesting, maybe it was.
Jo and Alex will have to sneak around.
I want to know how Christina and Mer became friends again, I love it and want to know more.
I also liked that Ben and Miranda are doing better.

Parenthood Review: Dance Fever

I love this show.
This episode was great.
I loved that all of Julia's siblings each on their own without consulting the other went over to her house, it was great that it was the same night! I love everyone on this show but some of my favorite scenes have been when these 4 are together spending sibling time.
I really want Sarah to tell Hank to lay off, she was hired for the job and there was nothing wrong with the Taco truck in the photos.
I loved at the end when Victor called Julia, that was a huge step in their relationship.
I really hope that Crosby buys the house.
I like Drew and Amy together and I hope she enrolls at Berkley and her and Drew can be together for good. Drew stay away from Natalie!
It was nice to see Kristina and Adam on their well deserved spa weekend. Kristina new Adam needed to be there for Julia and she was fine leaving.
I really like Carl and it looks like Sarah starts to date him and I really hope when Hank says he likes her she turns Hank down!
I am also hoping that Christina is cancer free.
Carissa: The preview shows her in bed with Carl. Also Julia did have a glass of red wine poured when she was opening her microwave popcorn talking to Adam about binge watch OITNB.


I do not know how this could be consider a real crossover. Credits rolled on SVU and no Sophia Bush. Then comes time for Chicago PD and they have the scene with Sophia and Mariska but jus the tail end. So to me I would not really call it a crossover, I do not watch SVU but did as I was expecting her to be one the whole show!
On to Chiacgo PD.
This was another stellar episode. I love this show.
I still do not like Burgess, however we all now she will be a member of team Voight one day. She better go buy a black leather jacket.
I love Jay! I also like
Justin just can not keep out of trouble, time for him to go back to jail for good.
I really like Kyle a lot too, he is just as hot as Jay! It was great at the end when they were at Molly's and Olinsky said he did good.
Kyle thinking Rollins was hot was great too! I am with Archie and Antonio when they say Kyle's marriage will not last.
Looking forward to next week.


I am sure that Modern Fam would have done a little better if people like me that do not watch SVU, were lead to believe that we had to watch the show but I did not see Det. Lindsay on it at all! So I could have watched Modern Family.
Chicago PD is doing great as is Arrow.
Nashville is holding steady in its numbers, but still not great numbers for ABC.

Arrow Review: Worlds Collide

As soon as the pilot told Sara he had a daughter I new it was Sin.
I also new Slade was meeting with Moira and so when Oliver got the 911 text from Thea, I knew Slade would be there. Eventhough Thea texted him to come home to talk to his mom.
I am still not a fan of Sara's. I did like the end with her and Laurel and Laurel going to an AA meeting was great first steps and recovery.
I feel bad for Felicity and it was sweet having Diggle comfort her and tell her she is irreplaceable and I also loved Oliver telling her she would always be his girl.
As always Robert Knepper was a great bad guy.


I know I found it silly but not shocking that Jones did not help her when she fell, however it is all part of the storyline for Jones to come to 51, do poorly and get kicked out and Dawson will take the test again OR will become Candidate on the spot.

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