Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "All You Need is Love"

1 - Fav scene:
Callie and Arizona in Derek's trailer. Perfect.
2 - Yang and Owen:
Hopefully they are over, he knew she doesn't wanted a kid so why try have one? She would become a new Ellis Grey.
3 - Teddy:
Of course not.
4 - Best couple!
Callie and Arizona. I love them.
5 - Worst couple:
Sloan and Lexie. I'm tired of them. he screwed her twice and he will do it again. He not deserve anyone.

Grey's Anatomy Review: A Heartbroken Hospital

I wish Mark leave the show. That guy is so annoying.


mel: Like George and Callie. Seriously?

Grey's Anatomy Midseason Report Card: B+

Best Character: Meredith Grey
Worst Character: Mark Sloan
Most Underused Character: April Kepner
Favorite Guest Star: Debbie Allen
Best Episode: Put Me In, Coach or Heart-Shaped Box
Worst Episode: What Is It About Men
Grade So Far: B+


Mark wasn't made ​​to be a father.
When he appears on screen is a waste of time. He even has its own story, Shonda had to invent this story that he had a daughter with a gay couple for him to have some importance in the show. Sophie is lovely and I like to see her with their moms.

It's a Long Way Back Promo

I agree with chris. Mark is pathetic and the way he said earlier in the episode 7.18 "that if I had to have another son, slept with Callie again"is simply pathetic. The saddest part is that i think Callie would agree with him. Callie don't love Arizona, she love the idea of being loved by her. Callie needs to lose someone (Arizona or baby) to wake up to reality and eventually realized that life is not like she wants. Unfortunately the baby will be fine and she will marry. So she has everything (Arizona, baby and Mark who can sleep when she want). I feel sorry for Arizona.


I love her. She is my favorite character.


I am Portuguese and I'm proud of it, however I think Spain is a beautiful country. The baby will leave, even if only to keep Mark between Callie and Arizona.