Arrow Guest Post: The Case for Olicity

GREAT recap. I really love all the aspects you included. I love the Olicity chemistry, these last 2 episodes were really pushing toward Olicity. But my concern about these 2 is can Felicity handle the losses coming up with the being Olivers girl. Everytime she was in danger Oli saved her. For now in her story there wasn't shown really loss. Laurel lost almost everything, John lost his brother, and Felicity didn't:She is a strong girl but how much can she handle is open for discussion. She was never a fan of Oliver's methods.
On the other hand I am huge Katie Cassidy fan, Laurel and Oliver were always put on standby (till the story needed them not to be S1 final) but the scenes when she really digs into his eyes and trusts Oliver are so great. Every time when Laurel shows some kind of weakness I'm completely into the 2 of them. But let's see what the writer deciede going forwards. don't forget Sarah is just around the corner as well.


Noup she isn't. She is starring in the upcoming Cbs show Intelligence. The girl in dracula is the Huntress actress from Arrow, Jessica Something. But the creators of OUAT said cause of the short season of Intelligence there is a possibilit Red will appear in some episodes.


A really excellent episode, Even though I'm tired of the Neverland storyline, Lana killed it like never before.
The flashbacks were over the top. Mary Margaret being terrified while talking to Regina was really funny. The way the connection between Regina and Henry was formed was great.
the fight against Pan was quiet underwhelming. I expect him make up when they come back to Storybrooke. But the way Regina stepped up was making it worth. I would've just wished they let it happen a bit slower let Regina's words have more impact.
I loved that devious side of Jared as he went Pan. And I quite believe the upcoming Chris Gorham's character could be an adult Henry or Pan. Would fit it.


Great interview. I'm really interested, where they will hea with the story next year(season 3b). I believe we will get a quick time jump. What I would love is for Emma to lose her memories and get to re do some things.


It was a really good episode. I love this show isn't dragging it around. I mean it would be to complicated to let Marcel 100 year old give Klaus an even fight.
The odd thing is Marcel and Becca didn't fight at all as the most powerful there I like hated Becca taking out Tyler, didn't like him appear last week so this is good desicion.
I hoped for more Elijah-Hayley intensity, but their chemistry is great as always. I liked the werewolf backstory, but I'm not fond of Klaus going Bitch on them next week.
But were the hell are the WITCHES: I hate the neglected that storyline. Love Sophie and daphina.


This episode really made want watch more of the show. Best episode of the season, some really strong developments.
The sweetest thing was the old Couple. They were so great together real old school chemistry.
Vivian and Wade seem interesting together and have solid on screen chemistry. Zoey will go nuts over this. It will be nice to see her balance being a good cousin and not a jealous ex.
I missed Annabel, and the wedding drama.
Lemon and Brick were nice together. and it was a nice twist to send Lemon off this way. they hid Jamie's stomach well.
George and the mess around her were awfully annoying. I find Linley sweet but she was introduced in a real painful way.


now I want to rewatch the final.

Arrow Round Table: "State v. Queen"

Hello! Nice Arrow RT day!
1.Lady of my choice? Laurel, her scenes were really powerful this week. The scene with Oliver was really nice, despite not having so much personal growth her scenes with Oliver were always great. She really struggled in this episode I really hope for some growth with Sara coming back.
2.The COUNT? I agree with Hank he shouldn't even appear. The episode would be much better and simpler without him
3. Moira's trial? I really was shocked with Malcolm have that much of input. I knew Moira would get free but this was a shocking way to get there.
4.Secrets? First of all I must say it's completely out of character for Malcolm to cheat. He loved his wife so much he went all Godzilla on the Glades that type of man doesn't cheat. Second, I completely forgot Thea crushed on Tommy. That's creepy. Oliver will forgive Moira he has bigger sins on his back, he won't like it but he will forgive. For Thea this could be the breaking point to sent her to Central city to redo HER life. Cause I honestly think they will hitch a character to the Flash.
5. Grade? Clear B! The count ruined the flow of the episode and it was the first time I felt the force OLICITY into our face. Usually the are more suptile.

Reign Review: Stand at My Side

A solid episode once again. I loved Catherine stepping up finally. She was in back fire but she proven stronger and smarter than believed.
The Kenna stuff was a bit annoying and push over but still she is young and even realistic to behave so childish.
The Bash stuff was compeling and as you said the story developt without Mary and the triangle being over used.
The burning scene just right, perfect closure.
Next episode seems even better.

Grey's Anatomy Review: Nothing's Wrong

I really loved this episode. The show is getting greatter with every episode.
Starting to really like Leah, she is showing this Human side a more realistic side she isnt that blow up doll they presented her to be. She has flaws and makes emotional mistakes but she she is much more likeable these days.
Bailey is starting to warm up an emmy nomination for next year, she really plays it great and can not wait to emerge into a huge(er) blow out.
The Twisted SISTER fight is getting better with every week, I mean they are so great surgeons but despite their emotional development they still can not talk to each other. Ross was over the Top and can not wait for Mer to punish him all the way. Hope she'll do it nasty to him. :))