Grey's Anatomy 'Love Turns You Upside Down' Clip - Keep Busy and Look Cool

I love this show more than the world but uhhh since when do we care about interns other then M.A.G.I.C. and lexie?!?!?!?! I don't. I don't like this new story line where there is this unwanted focus on the stupid interns

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Three Words

We all know Chuck will live. They wouldn't do that to us. I think Lily could possibly be the "beloved character who's been there since season 1" that dies? Not sure about that though but please tell me if you find holes in that theory. Also I think the 3 words will be xoxo, Gossip Girl said by whoever GG is? I'm so sad that it's ending so soon omg i'm crying. I'm really not sure who GG is because with these writers, you never know. Also, with every possible GG, there is a loophole, a reason why they couldn't possibly be GG. We know GG has been posting about them since freshmen year so logically, it can't be any new characters that were introduced after season 1. I don't see how it can be Jenny tho because she was too young to have been posting about the UES's when they were 14...
I don't know tho- GG never fails to confuse...

Gossip Girl Review: Building the Perfect Serena

I agree with the majority of the comments. This season has been cheap, inconsistent, and confusing. Nothing makes sense. I am gravely disappointed.I wish they hadn't dragged on the stupid Royal Wedding, the ridiculous and unnecessary DAIR, and Serena's metamorphosis into Mega Bitch. Go back to the cleverly written days of Seasons 1,2, and possibly even 3.