Favourite scene – OMG, how about the entire episode? It was insanely good. Of course number one has to be the final scene, Damon talking to Alaric's grave. Yeah, I cried... Also, the entire memorial scene was incredible. Especially the moment when they realized it's a trap. Also, as a major Delena fan, I loved the scene with Elena feeding on Damon. So hot and intense. I wish they would just stop teasing us already, because it's becoming hard to watch.

Connor will probably be awesome villain. Villain that we actually hate, since it didn't really work with Klaus.

Elena was wrong not to tell Stefan about her blood problem, but I can't take Stefan's whining anymore. When will he learn that sometimes you need to go the hard way? By trying to avoid that he's actually complicating everything.


Yeah, this is still good :)

Laurel grew on me a bit, I might like her one day. Thea trying to get closer to her brother was nice, but comparing her hell with Oliver's hell was a little ridiculous. In one thing she's right though - he needs someone he can open up to. He followed that advice by opening up to Laurel a little and it was actually nice to watch.

Diggle is awesome, he's definitely figuring out what's going on. I think Laurel and possibly Tommy too are sensing something weird as well. Ollie is acting like two different people, there's no way they don't see he's putting on a show. Detective Lance is pissing me off a bit. Focus, man!

Favourite quote of the week - Ollie: "Shouldn't take you very long. I'm shallow". I'm totally in love with Stephen.


Favourite scene - when Ryan was interrogating Lerner and realized that Castle is Beckett's boyfriend. The look on his face was priceless :D

Is Kate feeling guilty? Yeah, there is a little guilt.

Why did Ryan chose to keep their secret? I cannot believe he didn't tell Espo! It's very admirable that he kept it to himself, he's a truly great friend. But Ryan & Esposito are the best besties ever. I was sure that whichever one finds out first, he will immediately tell the other.

Beckett's ex-boyfriends - my favourite was definitely Demming, he was such a cool guy. Least favourite - Josh. God, I hated him.

One thing I would add to the episode - I'm totally with Christine. If Beckett came clean about how she felt two years ago, it would be amazing.


I loved every second of this episode. I loved that Dex didn't try to lie his way out and was honest with Deb about the way he's doing his thing.

About halfway through the episode I was sure the bold guy will kill someone and that will be a turning point for Deb. It can't happen overnight, but the first step was made. Deb still believes in good and evil, but admits Dexter was right that not every evil is equally bad.

I also loved the scene when Dexter and Isaak met. Irony is one of the things this show used to do great. Their entire conversation was one of those moments.

As for Hannah - @Nisan, I agree with you. She's the brains. That girl totally creeps me out. Come on Dexter! Where is your lizard brain now?

One last thing: I will definitely NOT miss Louis.


Favourite quote - Nate: "I broke up with you, because I thought you were sleeping with your father... before I knew he was your father" :)

Most surprising - Nelly Yuki. Central Park Conservancy is one of the least surprising things Serena was allowed to do.

Least surprising - still Bart. That guy has "I'm hiding something" written all over him, people should know better by now.

Nate & Dan - this is "GG", obviously something is going to ruin that. I'm just hoping Nate will come out on top, he's one of the few characters left that I still care about.

Who will last longer - S&S. I actually like Steven. Sage is just a spoiled little girl with dad issues and Nate doesn't have time for that.

Waldorf Designs & Chair - yes and no. Queen B will make her mom proud eventually, but Chair really needs to stop with their bullsh!t. They keep doing that over and over again, it's stupid and boring.

Which character would you most like to creepily watch sleep? Obviously Nate, no contest.


I actually liked this episode. In the previous two there was so much action and no time for characters to interact with each other. I was waiting for the show to slow down a bit and let those people actually TALK about how they are dealing with everything. I mean, come on, they just woke up in a totally different world and met aduld Etta. It's freaky.

Now we finally know something about what happened to Olivia after Etta disappeared and I think it's great. There should be more stuff like that on "Fringe", instead of focusing all the time we have left on war with the Observers.

I like the skin disease too, because it reminded me a little bit of the good old days, when Fringe team was dealing with creepy cases. I missed that.


Favourite moment - Delena confrontation after she turned, when Damon told her that he would save her first and let Matt die. Come on, isn't it obvious to her by now? He said it many times before - he will always put her first.

I also absoulutely loved the scene when Caroline and Klaus/Tyler were about to get some action and he went: "Easy love. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong equipment" :D

Also @Steve - LOL :D

Better Klaus - Michael Trevino was pretty good as Klaus, but only Joseph Morgan can really BE Klaus.

Scarier moment - Elena all the way. That was just creepy...

Why did the Pastor blow himself and the Council up? Because the writers thought that was the quickest way to get the Council problem out of the way and move on to the hunter.

Will Elena really stick with Stefan? No way in hell.


Favourite scene - I'm with Christine, the "Irish discussion" was awesome. Jax is acting like a real leader and he proved that to Galen in that scene.

Walton Goggins as Venus - O M G... My first reaction was: "ARE THEY FOR REAL?". Man, that was freaking HILARIOUS :D and watching Tig's behaviour was just priceless :D the two of them totally made my day. I only have one concern - watching the next season of "Justified" is gonna be interesting. Every time Boyd will show up on the screen, I will see the image of Venus in my mind.

Gemma and Nero - I'm not sure if he's able to pull it off, but I really hope he does.

Gemma and Tara - we definitely need a break from their fights, so I'm saying: friends.

Jax and Hale - I have faith in Jax. All the faith in the world.


Wow, that was so cool. I think I just developed a huge crush on Stephen Amell. He looks insanely good... The scene where he was shooting at the tennis balls - awesome!

As for the other characters: I really like Thea, there's a lot of room here for a great brother-sister relationship. I don't care much for Laurel yet. Tommy is great, but I could do without the whole "the best friend falls for the ex-girlfriend" cliché drama. Can't the best friend ever just be the best friend? I very much like the bodyguard guy too.

The whole story here is great - father leaving his son a list of people as his last will and the son making it his life's mission to take them out one by one. We've already had some great action in the first episode, so I have a feeling it will be awesome show.


Favourite scene - nothing can really beat the epic handshake scene. But I think I'm gonna go with Castle having his "the butler did it" moment. How awesome was that?

Gates collecting dolls - that was hilarious! And the scene when she was all excited about "Frozen Heat" was hilarious too, I rewound it like 15 times. I think the deep freeze is back now, but at least Castle knows now that she CAN soften.

Most emotional moment? All of the above. Castle and Alexis especially moved me, beacause I always was and still am my dad's little girl. I remember the day when I started university and my parents dropped me off at my new apartment.

Ryan vs Espo - they will both find out from Lanie.