Blue Bloods Review: The Highway Hitman

Do not like Lansing, she just doesn't fit the part, Jackie was much better.
Good episode dealing with Shawn, Erin did right by not moving him.
I enjoy the family dinner, most families don't share that kind of bond
any more, shame really. I still don't care for Lansing!

Vegas Review: The Welcome Wagon

Laura is showing some back bone, which wasn't too common back then. Maybe the women of VEGAS will kick butt with the men of VEGAS. I'm waiting for the moment when Mia's father is knocked off, you know it's going to happen, he's rotten to the core!

Elementary Review: Sherlock's Revenge

I can hardly wait for the next episode. I really enjoy the show, trying to figure out Sherlock's way of thinking and how Watson duels with him. Exciting in all ways.

NCIS Round Table: "Shabbat Shalom"

I have always loved NCIS, but "Shabbat Shalom" was incredible. I figured Eli was either going to be shot or die, but I did not expect Jackie Vance to die! The entire show was great. The emotions that involved each and every member was great, yet so very moving. I cried when Ziva shouted for her father! It was so touching. And the look of compassion and outrage were far greater than words.
I can hardly wait til next week. Please - Please do not allow any member of this show to leave, it would not be whole otherwise. I am just shocked over this episode. Bravo!!

666 Park Avenue Review: Dream Job

First of all, I like Terry O'Quinn. Loved him in Jag, Hawaii-Five O and now in 666 Park Avenue. However, I'm becoming a bit annoyed with Jane. 666 reminds me of the song by the Eagles, "Hotel California"? "You can check out anytime you like, But you can never leave!" I will continue to watch it but they have to do something with Jane? She is whacked! No one in their right mind would walk around in the dead of night as she does!


Forced my self to watch, and couldn't wait for it to end. She is cold and not right for the part. A know it all, who seems to be stealing the spot light from the others. So I tried watching again and gave up and changed the channel.
I loved this show and never missed watching it, but if she continues on, it will force me to say goodbye. Get rid of her now, before she kills the show.
Give us back the real Criminal Mind!


They better not kill off Grace Parks, I really like her. This show has been slipping as of late, maybe they should work on the show more!

Blue Bloods Review: Credible Threat

Loved this episode and the fact that Jamie finally stands his ground with Danny and didn't back down. That was great. Loved the way Linda made Danny realize just how crappy he treats Jamie, and that Jamie is his equal. That was really touching. I am glad they include prayer at the dinner table, it's a very family tradition that suits this series and I hope they don't stop. It makes the Reagan's what they are. All the characters are lovable and I agree, Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan is solid, what it should be. Love it.


This episode really had me going and I loved it, though I TRULY hope Nick's character does return, it would not be the same without him. MY top favorite
characters are Nick and Sara, then the rest of them. I had my doubts about DB, but he kinds grows on you. Now you left us hanging until next season.......UGH!!! Such a long wait.......??

CBS Renews CSI: NY, Cancels CSI: Miami

HALLELUJAH!! I am sooooo very happy they kept CSI NY, I love that show and all the characters. Thank you!!! I will miss CSI Miami, moreso Delco, but at least you gave me CSI NY!! It's CSI NY & Blue Bloods in our home.