Chosen, wow u need 2 chill. go on youtube or something and watch chair clips if ur so fucking obsessed

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Freshmen"

love this!
yess i liked this episode a lot better then the premier!!
i wanted to give blair a hug when her sushi party was a fail!
i agree though, who would watch vanessa's crappy movie then go
to an awsome sushi party??? NOT ME! i would be blair's friend
if she was nice.
like the way they are going with chuck and serena!
i didn't like serena's sl's very much last season (except maybe
a few) but i've always liked her and this season i have a new
appretiation for her character!
i think she'll be very interesting, and i love how carter just
randomly shows up!
georgina is hilarious! the only thing is i feel like the writers have shifted georgina from serena's ex party friend to blair's worst nightmear.


noooooooooooooo not N/V!!!!!
i hate them

Gossip Girl Guide: Sexperimentation

omg!!! to be honest, i wasn't soo exited for gossip girl college but now i'm like YAYYY!!!
this is hilarious!!
especially blair's reaction to i think georgina and dan! it's more classic then her 'oh my effing god' to nate and catherine!!!


but i actually agree with Missy, sometimes blair does get too obsessive over her 'queen' status it can get really annoying!


omg!! first i would like to say leigthon and michelle are amazing!
second, jessica is a bad actress, 'oh my god i have so much to tell you' was said so flatly and just it was like, 'what the hell how did she get the part'?
i have to say i'm not loving this blair is a loser thing. hopefully in a few episodes she'll be where she belongs, the queen! and i hope she exploits something about vanessa so that she can just eff off

Taylor Momsen Needs Some New Friends

i miss the old innocent taylor :(


yess a dan and blair scene :)

Ed Westwick Tattoo

this is sooo hotttttttt................


so happy i've missed the round table!