omg i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chuck needs 2 b with blair!!!! :)
the new nate sl looks cool better
then vanessa!!!!


i loled when they said:
jessica szohr also stars when everyone else gets like a few sentences!
i guess they r getting the message, VANESSA SUCKS! :)


first one :)

Gossip Girl Season 3 Cast Photo

here's my analisis:
blair: love how she went darker just she should go back to the color she had in S1 but she did in the TCA, just she looks a little not preppy-blair like
dan: looks like he's turning cool! like his hair!
nate: hottie! love it!
chuck: very chuck bass, old hollywood
serena: looks great, but ya a little skanky.
jenny: i loved her end of S1 look sooo much don't know why she changed. but at least this is better then end/middle of s2 *shrudders*
vanessa: love her hair here! its soo much better then those curls which are NOT working for me! MRSBASS3 mine is pretty similair to yours haha


soooo happy i know french haha!!!

Serena's Yearbook Page

chuck is hilarious even in writing!!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 64

Nate (In text msg to Chuck): hey baby, I would really like to try new things, since it's graduation i would like to turn a page.
Chuck: Are you gay??
Nate: Maybe, are you?
Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass, does that answer your question.
Nate: No, Yes, Yes, No, wait what???

What Cuteness!

yayyyy back to her normal hair :)

Blair Photo

omg i love this pic of her!
shes soo pretty!


yayyyy :)

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