NCIS Review: Let The Good Times Roll

I love everyone in this NO cast. They need to lock them in now, to make sure they are available if it gets picked up. Which I sincerely hope it does. I think it will be awesome.

NCIS Review: Murder Swap Bingo

Yes,it is. It's the same as would be if you confessed to a priest,or told your doctor or psychiatrist. Morally wrong,IMO, but legal.

NCIS Review: Sleepless in the Bullpen

Marie wasn't kidnapped by the Mafia.Her co-worker at the bakery (not Victor's brother) took her because he loved her and wanted to keep her safe from the Mafia. That's why they didn't show her being rescued. It wasn't really a rescue. He just told them where she was. She was fine. And my understanding was that it was Victor's dad,Ivan, that was after Anton, not his brother.

NCIS Review: The Pretender

I loved this episode from beginning to end.Vik was fantastic.I wanted Gibbs to give him a head slap in the worst way.The whole Gitmo thing was so much fun.I knew it was all a setup.The only surprising thing was that they were actually at Andrews.And that Kevin was playing the terrorist.I had suspicions about him for a minute when he was poking around their desks and computers.So glad he wasn't a bad guy.I liked him a lot.I was getting frustrated with the new director.I kept thinking "Vance would do it!" So glad he finally got on board,and realized he's not ready for this,"yet".This show has really been on fire this season,and I'm loving it.

Once Upon a Time Review: Good Always Wins

@serenityq2,she came back through with Hook.He came through using the hat portal and bringing the dead guard with him,then took Cora back with him instead.2 go through,and 2 go back. Actually the compass didn't open the portal,the ash from the wardrobe did.The compass was only to direct the portal to the right world.Which kind of begs the question of how the magic bean was able to take them directly to the right world.
I want to know where the heck Cora is keeping her heart! What's up with that? Also,if that magic that Regina and Rump used on the portal would've killed anybody that came through,how was Regina able to absorb it into her without dying?

NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Let's Get Faded

@robyn.Hetty didn't say that,Callen did.Hetty told Granger she was okay with what they did because taking two lives potentially saved thousands.She had no regrets.And I agree with her.Evil people like that deserve what they get.It's too bad if their family has to suffer grief over it,but that's just the way it is.


Great episode,as usual.Was anyone else really bothered by the tremendous stupidity of Lance and Sonny with that video? OMG, that was insane! Who would do that?! Seriously!
Loved seeing Deeks in a wetsuit,but woulda loved Callen and Sam in one,too.Loved the scene in the bar with the guy recognizing Deeks,and then when the guy at the hippie commune asked Deeks if he knew him from somewhere and Kensi asked "How many of these guys have you arrested anyway?" Too funny.Then came,"Oh,yeah, you look like that guy from Scooby-Do!" ROFL Methinks they need to be really careful about sending Deeks undercover into seedy dive bars.
The interaction between Callen and Lance was really nice.It gave us a little more glimpse into what made G the man he is today.

NCIS Review: Shell Shocked and Awed

This episode had me crying so much by the end.My Dad's a peacetime veteran,but his father was a German POW in WWII,and he refused to ever even talk about the experience.Dad's a member of the American Legion,and we've read many articles in their monthly publications about the effects of PTS.Not nearly enough is being done by our government to help this situation,so I think it's absolutely wonderful that a mainstream network show such as this is shedding light on this very serious issue.Here's hoping more people will pay attention to the problem,and donate to charities that are trying to help.
I loved the moment between Tony and Ziva at the end.However,I'm also one of those people who would prefer that they remain dear friends rather than lovers.I've never understood this need that others seem to have to see characters become romantic.I like the idea that a man and woman can have a platonic friendship and show that they love and care about each other w/o it becoming a romance.

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Borrowed Time

I love that shows like this one nowadays don't have a problem showing two men loving and caring about each other as friends and having the kind of relationship where they can hug each other and express their feelings.That scene was great.
The glimpse into Danny's past was fantastic.Especially learning how Grace got her name,and the tie-in to 9/11.Terrance Howard was really intense and scary,wasn't he? Love him.
I love seeing Danny as the doting daddy,and was so glad he made the dance.I would've hated him missing something yet again.
Quick question:Was that the real DOD at the dedication?


Absolutely loved this episode! To me,the funniest parts about Howard was him thinking at the airport that everybody was cheering for him,when it was really for Howie Mandel,and the whole thing with Bernie.But the stuff with the guys vs. girls game night? Comedy platinum,just like the reviewer said.