Suits Review: Me Without You

And can I add that Gabriel Macht looked F I N E in that navy suit he was wearing toward the end of the episode!

Burn Notice Review: The Not Very Good Guys

They are building up for the finale so of course we still won't know exactly who Tyler Grey is. I still think Rebecca and her brother are in play here some how. Fiona was just awesome in the episode!

Suits Review: Me Without You

Have to say I didn't see Grammy passing away. I think the writers are wanting us viewers to see a further comparison between Harvey and Mike. I think maybe we'll end up seeing just how close these two have become. Louis getting senior partner....no doubt he will vote for Hardman BUT in the end he'll regret it. I have no doubt Jessica and Harvey will eventually win the day. Someone brought up that Hardman is behind Tanner. I think that's a good possibility. Donna returning........well, that was really a no brainer BUT she did do something wrong and it's now like she just got a slap on the wrist. Rachel and Mike at the end of the episode.......with Rachel NOT knowing Mike's secret, will these two EVER work it out? I think with his Grammy's death Mike will head on a downward spiral that Harvey will have to get him out of.


YAY!!!!!!! Will be great seeing Eames!! Hopefully they will find a way to bring Goren in too!!!!


YAY! Hopefully they can make her a regular character!!!! Sucks what CBS did to CSI Miami....With the move to Sunday for The Mentalist....it looks like it's next on CBS hit list.

Covert Affairs Review: Spy Friends

I like the concept of this show but I feel it's missing something I can't quite put my finger on. Why is it there's nothing about, if there is one, an investigation into Jai's death? Seems they would be working to find out who did that. Auggie starting therapy, hmmmmmmmm Annie calling Simon, well, who couldn't see that happening?

White Collar Review: A Price Too High

Ok, who thinks Ellen may still be alive? She was indeed hesitant about telling Neal info about his past. She was in witness protection after all. Could it be she's still alive? Maybe I'm just in to conspiracy theories too much. This episode was great. Loved the camera thing Mozzie came up with. That was too neat! As to whether this was Neal's plan to get the info he wanted, time will tell. But I don't think it was. He surely didn't plan on being set up by Abigail. I want to believe Neal is trying to stay clean. I, too, would think after 3 seasons Neal and Peter would have better trust between them but it appears they are still working on that. As the reviewer stated, Peter is now back on the defensive and who knows what's going to happen next.

Suits Round Table: "Rewind"

What was your favorite scene from this episode?
Had to be Jessica ripping Louis a new one for the embezzling. Did it surprise you that Jessica and Harvey set Mike up to go after Monica as a ploy to get votes?
Not at all..... How did you feel about seeing Harvey visit his father's grave. What do you think was the purpose of including it in the episode?
Have to go with the majority here ... it really did show Harvey is human after all. Favorite Louis Litt moment this week?
Looks like we'll have a bigger Louis moment this week when Hardman makes him senior partner. Which way will Louis vote and why?
I somehow think he in the end won't be the deciding vote. But if he is, I think he will vote for Jessica.

True Blood Round Table: "Gone, Gone, Gone"

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
I'd have to say to scene with Jason, Jessica and Hoyt. Close second the opening scene. Is this the last we've seen of Hoyt?
Hopefully so. But, somehow, I doubt it. Tara killing Elijah: smart or very dumb?
Pam may now have a new respect for Tara, but that doesn't mean that these two are not headed for trouble. Has everyone forgotton Bill and Eric almost got killed for "killing" Russell? Has Eric truly converted?
Um, NO Give Russell and Steve a couple's nickname.
I like Liz's answer to this.....

Political Animals Review: Xie Xie

Did you notice at the end they called next week the SEASON finale instead of SERIES finale? I'm wondering if negotiations are ongoing to make this a regular series. Too much is going on for it to just abruptly end. Maybe I'm reading too much into it........ I wasn't hard to see where Doug and Susan were going....kinda disappointed it went that way. I'm not so sure Elaine will give up her bid for the White House. Loved it when Bud socked it to Collier.....Loved it with Gran and Anne although could have done without the promotion of smoking dope.....

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