TV Fanatic Round Table: Biggest Shocker of 2013

I totally agree the Kevin Tran's death in the mid-season finale of Supernatural was THE shocker of the year for me. And the devastation of Dean Winchester caused by the decisions he had made that led to that death will continue into the new year.

Burn Notice Series Finale Review: The Final Mission

I can't begin to express how much I have enjoyed all 7 seasons of this exceptional show. It ranks right up there with: St. Elsewhere, E.R. and Supernatural as shows that I will watch over & over. The writing/story telling was so realistic (at least in my mind-of course, I've never been a spy), the acting was perfect, the casting was right on, the visuals were breathtaking at times & very scary at others-what can I say? I really loved the show. I know all good things must end-doesn't mean I wanted it to. I will miss Michael, Fi, Sam, Jesse and Madeline. As a Mom and Grandma, I thoroughly understand how she could sacrifice herself for her son, grandson and the team that became a family, as heartbreaking as it was.
I've seen some negative reviews of the finale and the last season-but it seems to me that eventually someone like Michael-who had gone through and done what he did-for his country-it would be difficult NOT to become disillusioned and look for a better path. I think Mr. Nix portrayed that feeling of abandonment extremely well. So glad Michael and Fiona were satisfied to get out of the "spy life". They will make great parents for little Charlie-much better that Michael had it. And Jeffrey Donovan's performances-no one could have played Michael as well. He was perfect in this role. Hopefully knowing how much the fans loved his work will make up for not receiving awards.
I too hope we get to see Sam and Jesse in adventures of their own. They make a great team, especially with Sam's sense of humor.
RIP-Burn Notice. You will definitely be missed.

NCIS to Air "Very, Very Abby Episode" in Early 2013

This is one of my top 5 tv shows. I love the characters and the actors who play them. Abby is one of my favorites and I'm really looking forward to learning about her childhood and how she got interested in forensics. And Tony's apartment should be fun. The episode aired 12/11/12 had me actually laughing out loud-it was really great. MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone.

Bones Review: We Remember

This episode was so moving I found myself crying just remembering that horrible day. It was wonderful that Booth was determined that this brother in arms would not be forgotten, but his story would be told and his son would know his Dad was not just some homeless person whose death meant nothing. It was cute watching the interns try to "one up" each other-until they each told their 9/11 stories and decided to work together to solve the puzzle of how the soldier died. One of the best episodes ever.

Supernatural Review: Let's Make A Movie

Interesting concept-not executed as well as I would expect from Supernatural. Like that they are trying new ideas-but think the stated arc for this season should have been carried a little further before putting in this kind of episode.
I am a big Supernatural fan and always expect a great show when I tune in. Maybe I'm just spoiled, but I always want more-not less-of Dean and Sam.