I am so not on board with the whole EzrA thing, mostly because the witch in charge has dropped multiple hints in multiple interviews that that *could* be reversed during the course of the rest of 4B. So I choose not to get invested in that drama.
As for the diary, as stories start coming forward, I think, no make that hope, that the girls realize what a witch Ali really was, and once they save her, give her a piece of their minds and then dump her toxic behind! That would be the only satisfactory at this point.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Going Home"

1. Yes - I hated the Pan storyline, and while I like fairytale land, it needs to be balanced with the real world.
2. I guess, because Neil, Hook and Tink should have been able to stay too.
3. Rumple, I guess.
4. I have mixed emotions about that. I agree that Hook and Emma have more chemistry than Emma and Neil at this point, but I thought it sad that Hook tried "True Love's Kiss" to break the new curse and get Emma to remember because I don't think they're at that stage.
5. I'm sure he'll pop up in fairytale land. He built the curse so I'm sure he can survive it.
6. My favorite part was seeing Emma's "new" apartment and watching her and Henry live together.

Bones Review: Newlyweds

I liked the Nazi war criminal angle, but in terms of solving the murder, I thought it was pretty weak. I mean, we all knew the coroner was the murderer when she dropped the skull, right?

Ravenswood Review: A Town Soaked in Death

The ultimate stupidity at the end is what ruined it for me. Remy just finished telling a story about 5 teens who die the day after a soldier comes home as the sole survivor of a ambush, because her mom said the same thing earlier in the evening. Then she stops to pick up 2 more teens to add to her car load of 3 and proceeds to try to drive across a bridge! WTF?!?! There's enough stupidity on PLL for one week. I don't need two shows of stupid in my life. Caleb, hope to see you in Rosewood again real soon!

Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Nasty Habits"

1. I also like Neal showing Rumple how to call the squid, etc.
2. Agree with Nick - safety in numbers while on the island, stop trusting him when you're off the island.
3. Agree with Nick.
4. Agreeing with Nick yet again.
5. Don't know. Don't care. But I'm glad there's still a connection to Storybrooke and I hope we see more of the others.
6. If anyone is of the generation who had the 45rpm records with read-along story books, Rumplestiltskin and Bambi scared me because they had scary music at the big climax. But there were a lot of fairytales that I never cared for or never got into - Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland being two of them. I was really into bears, and my favorite fairytale was Snow White & Rose Red because the bear turns into a Prince.


I can't really say the episode disappointed me because I had really low expectations going into it - that it would be all about Ravenswood and very little about PLL. I did watch Ravenswood too and it's nothing special.

Bones Review: Until Death Do Us Part

I'm right there with the reviewer on Pelant being behind Cam's identity theft. The rest of the review though, not so much....not at all really.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table: A-nswers!

1. I feel like the Ashley-Wilden storyline is another Malcom & Maggie. No one here actually thought she did it, cause the writers were making it look like she did, so....What was the point of all of it?
2. Ali is alive and Cece is helping her set up or draw out into the open the person who tried to kill her.
3. Frankly all I was think about in this B-storyline (or are down to C, D or E?) is that Toby is now in possession of Caleb's Mercedes. Does Caleb get that back before he spins off into the sunset? Or does he give it to Hanna?
4. I don't think he's A. I think he's stalking Aria and that was his reaction to finding out someone else is stalking her too. Maybe he realized he's out of his stalking league?
5. He's deserting us, and Hanna, so it better be a damn good reason.
6. All I'm interested in at this point are the costumes.

Pretty Little Liars Review: Abracadabra!

I wouldn't be surprised if Ezra set up that room with Jason's 50K, and is working for Jason to find Ali, because Jason knows it wasn't Ali's body they buried...multiple times. I think the show will do a switch-back and Ezra won't really be A, or an A. I also think Caleb is aware of the room or is in on it, helping Ezra with the computer stuff. I know that is the reason he's going to Ravenswood, to crack the computers, but without the Liars around he can help out more at the Lair and not have to watch his back. But I did expect Hanna to go all super-sleuth on the clothing - check out the sizes and quality and come up with a height, weight, economic profile, check the pockets, etc. Of Course, I was disappointed that she didn't.


's guilt, wouldn't Travis' alibi do the same?
6. My prediction is that World War A will be overrated, and I will be saying 'I told you so'.