Gossip Girl Caption Contest 77

Tripp: "Since you brought me dinner, that frees up 15 minutes in my schedule at 8:30 p.m. Should I pencil you in for some inappropriate flirting?"
Serena: "Only 15 minutes? What are you doing after that?"
Tripp: "Um.......Going home and sleeping with my wife."

Ed Westwick Cuts Loose at Wedding

God bless Wisconsin! Why wasn't I invited for the floor show?


I forgot to mention Eric's Star Warsing Jenny! How cheesy was that?!


Okay, I gave up on the show at the end of season two, but I tuned in for Jenny's debut so here's my take:
1. My favorite quote is Jenny to Blair "You Era's over, and so is yourh adband.".
2. The threesome? It was kinda hot even though they didn't show anything. And I felt really bad for Vanessa - she's in the love with Dan and the first time she get's to kiss/have sex with him is in a threeway with his girlfriend! I wish they'd all be mature and forget about it and pretend it never happened the next morning, but that wouldn't be good tv.
3. I'm Team Jenny. I don't think Eric has what it takes - guys, even gay ones, can't be as evil as girls. I do wish Jenny would remember what life was like when she was Blair's b**ch and be a little nicer, but then she's always gotta be on guard for potential usurpers.
4. I like B & S as friends much better than enemies.
5. I whole-heartedly agree with Mister Meester here!
BQ. This is the only epsiode I've watched this season but yeah, a little boring.... My Bonus Questions:
1. Why is Nate Archibald the be-all-end-all for UES girls?
2. Who made Lilly's evening wrap? I loved it!