Wow this epsiode is bad. I missed in Monday night because I had to work. I didn't to watching until Wed evening because I just didn't care. I'm probably halfway through it and feel like it's a great waste of time. There's certainly not enough there for a round table discussion!


1. Caleb was rocking the Phantom of the Opera costume!
2. The ghost girl was either the dead twin from Allison's story last Halloween, or it was dead Allison who came back in a younger version of herself. I don't believe that it's Courtney, Allison's twin, because I think Jenna is going to turn out to be Ali's twin. Think about how similar they are. Go ahead, I'll wait.
Okay. 3. I don't remember the details of Garrett's story about Byron. I'll have to rewatch it. At this point, I'll belive it.
4. Mona was the person in the duplicate Phantom costume. The mask under her bed indicated that. I believe she was the female voice that was going to push the Aria-Garrett crate out of the train. And she probably has a screw-driver stab wound somewhere. Aria should've kept poking!
5. I also thought it was a flashback to Ali, since we know she was buried alive. But given how much of her arm was actually above ground, I think she should've been able to get out.
6. Noel died? Did I miss something? He was alive at the end - he got into a fight with Toby that unearthed Ali's body in the ice bar. Ezra skipped out on the party. That makes him the most liking suspect for the Jeweled Jester. He may be Aria's boyfriend, but I'm starting to think he's got Serial Killer written all over him.


1. Nelly Yuki asking Dan to move in with her. How sad is it that Danellyuki is the most interesting couple this season?
2. Long over due. Danellyuki all the way!
3. Sage playing S&B. Fashion shows are way more risque than that, and the models are younger.
4. Nage! It's just 'Ewwww!'.
5. Deep down this isn't really about taking down Bart Bass or Blair making a success of EWD. This is about recreating the "mind-blowing" Monte Carlo experience after months (years?) of abstenance. I couldn't care less about whatever they find out about Bart, and EWD will be successful when Blair hires Jenny Humphrey to be head designer.
6. I can give it half of one thumb at this point, primarily for the new set design of EWD. It's giving me ideas for my sewing room.
7. Chair; Serenate; Danellyuki; Eric, Carter or Lola are GG; Jenny becomes head designer at EWD; Rufus dumps Ivy.

Gossip Girl Review: A Wolf in B's Clothing

How sad is it that the most interesting relationship this season is Danellyuki?

Gossip Girl Round Table: "High Infidelity"

Amending my answer to #6:
Waldorf Designs will thrive under Blair when she hires Jenny Humphrey as designer. Jenny's got the experience with the company, and Blair is so out of her league experience-wise.

Arrow Review: Legally Resurrected

I also hope we're not seeing a pattern beginning to develope in terms of episode plots. I do hope Diggle becomes Ollie's Alfred, but as he technically works for Mrs Queen, that would present some problems. Dectective Lance looks too stupid to figure out the Ollie-Arrow connection. Tommy, on the other hand, might have an inkling. I think he might have been faking being passed out in the warehouse in the pilot.


Just another reason why this show is failing. It should be Serenate! They were the relationship that kicked off the show. They should get togethor at the end. Dan made it pretty clear to Serena that he didn't want anything more to do with her. It doesn't make sense that he's then marry her.

Gossip Girl Round Table: "High Infidelity"

1. Georgina's nickname for Nate - "the handsome, vacant one". If it weren't so wordy it might beat out "Man bangs".
2. Nelli Yuki's return actually surprised me. Any charity will let you raise money for them, especially if you have the Van der Woodsen name and connections.
3. Bart hiding something. It's just tired, and I don't care about Bass warfare anymore. Although, Nate should've done a little cyber stalking on his potential girlfriend. Probably would've found out she's in high school and who her dad is.
4. Yes, Nate will eventually hire Dan to be a writer/reporter for the paper, a la Carrie Bradshaw.
5. Neither - Serenate will be end game. It's the relationship that started the show. It needs to end the show too.
6. Waldorf Desings will never thrive with Blair (and Dorota) at the helm, and Chuck will throw all his money at it to keep it afloat for as long as possible.
7. Nate, but watching Georgina watch Dan would be entertaining as well.

Gossip Girl Review: Taking What's Yours

Aside from the new set design of the Waldorf Atelier (thank you TV Guide), this episode was a wash. Same old crap. I even FF'd thru the Chuck-Bart nonsense at brunch.

Gossip Girl Round Table: "Gone Maybe Gone"

1. Going with Christina and the shout-out to Wisconsin.
2. Wow, I didn't get any of them, not even the 'Country Strong' one. Does that mean they weren't that good, or I just didn't care?
3. Nothing?
4. It was way down there. Too basic, even for them.
5. Dan's hair.
6. Blair's because I can remember why she slapped him. Can't say the same for S.
7. If they're a new character, then they must be shady. Although I think Steven knew who he was really hooking up with.
8. I'm still kinda hoping for Lola, but Carter Baizen would be good too.