The Vampire Diaries Clip: Sired?!?

I HOPE THIS SIRE BOND ISN'T TRUE! I mean it kind of ruins people to watch Damon and Elena together as a "normal" couple.. Please Julie Plec & co! Like @Madi said! Don't let us down!!!
PS: I'm no Stelena or Delena fan, just really tired of the love triangle.

The Vampire Diaries Review: Yes, Sire

I was so satisfied with the break up two weeks ago, not because I don't like Stefan and Elena together, more because it felt right at the time being and that Elena should experience her other options, but seriously? C'mon!! I love the hot vamp sex and all (thank you Julie!), but couldn't they just not do the vampire sire thing??? I mean, Elena always went to Damon before she even became a vampire. This is so bad. I was actually excited to see how the relationship between Damon and Elena would turn out, but Julie, you kind of ruined it with the sire bond..


I was so excited through the whole episode, but I got to say, that I started to cry like a baby through the whole break - up scene. I watched it over and over again.. I'm no Stelena OR Delena fan, I'm just loving the show, feeling with the characters, I was so sad. It was a beautiful scene, truly and they both nailed it. I just can't get over it.

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Five"

1. There were so many, but got to say that I grinned alot when proffesor Shady was smirking at Connor. I hope Julie Plec and the other writers have made a VERY good plan out of this, because this have to be good.
2. No, he shouldn't, but then again, he should. I mean what if Klaus does erase every memory? That would be frustrating, but I think that Damon will find out somehow, he always does.
3.I kind of always feel sorry for Rebekah whenever she cries and people stab her in the back or just stab her.. But this pushed it, I mean even the man she fell for even though if he was one of the Five, stabbed her.. That's so sad, but still I don't like her.
4.Well, we saw the possibility for Jeremy being useful last episode and this episode he didn't do so much then just the usual; threatened to do something and then erase his memory, classic Jeremy Gilbert day, and not the cure, because Stefan being human again or killed (because I think "the cure" actually kills you) would be weird and probably some end of the show, Klaus having it for Elena seems legit, because she does become some sort of human again in the books, with all of the angel power wings aside, but she dies in the middle of it, so I don't know.. And last Damon taking it un purpose would be similar to the books too. So I would go with Professor Shane and Connor. Although I'm kind of bored with Connor, being so strong and like a human vampire (if that makes any sense)I just don't see the end of him, but the history of the Five intrigues me, Jeremy possibly could be one of them in some future and how professor Shane fits in to all of this is very interesting..
5. It wasn't a dumb idea at all. A good coverage and it made sense. Damon did say why they were going there to Stefan and even Bonnie understood why. To get used to have many people around her without having the cravings. I mean, there are hardly any people left in Mystic Falls. They all get used as hot waitresses for Klaus's fancy dinners and Rebekah's catwalk models and they all fly around getting bitten all the frickin' time. A GOOD EPISODE; I LOVE ELIJAH, WHERE WAS CAROLINE, TYLER and this new girl HALEY.


Fans of the books have probably just like me seen some connection of course from the previous seasons to the books, but this cure made me think about Stefan being locked up in a cell in the Dark Dimension after being lured by Damon (who was infected with some kind of malach) and Sinichi (a kitsune)to go to Shi no Shi for a cure to make him human again.


1.I love Elijah!
2. Elena actually told Stefan what she really thought, how refreshing
3. Why did Bonnie had to interrupt the scene between Damon and Elena dancing? Again, it was very refreshing to see Elena somehow not all uptight.
4. WTH?! I want to know MORE about professor Shane, that smirk was so badass.
5. Connor is so strong.
6. Rebekah and her fifth dude from the olden days was so cute together. I actually hope she finds someone, so she can be a bit less bitchy.
7. Why does Damon always have to come interrupting Elena when she says something bad about him (sort of)?
8. Klaus's hybrid annoyed me.
9. The Vampire Diaries always know how to deliver, seriously.
10. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME HOT VAMP SEX ALREADY?! I'm desperate for some Stelena action (and some Delena action, by all means).


Ok.. Is it just me or am I not getting why they are at campus? And how does Bonnie know anyone who works there since that professor is becoming her mentor.


And, I have always said it and I will say it again, Stefan and Caroline is such a good match (friend zone). Love them, and yes Caroline is good at being a vampire, but I don't understand why Elena can't spit it out and just say: "Hey Stefan, my gorgeous boyfriend, I need some help to deal with this vampire thingy, I don't think whatever we're doing know is working.. Would you help me love?" Instead of going all crazy on Matt so Damon had to come and tell her this. ONE LAST THING. Julie Plec, when will Elena and Stefan have vampire sex? I mean, you can't just stop it in the middle of it, WE WANT SOME ACTION.


"Why were two vampire wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle?" - Thank you Matt Richental! I was thinking the exact same thing during that scene!

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