I see moderators are in place. Marlowe must have paid them because his writing was getting panned.


I just reviewed Watershed for the 15th-20th time, trying to interpret the facial expressions of the characters. Katic just did the worst job of acting in the proposal scene that could be done. There is no way that she displays anything. No worry, no joy, no happiness, no surprise....nothing. Fans often wonder why Stana can't seem to really hit it in acting. Well folks, it is because she can't act.

Castle Round Table: "Watershed"

The last three episodes of the year violated most of the rules of good writing. Both Katic and Marlowe have mentioned several times about having the 'license' to be able to have a character act in a certain manner. The writers have made Castle a wimp and Beckett a super woman with no license to do so. If 'Still' has any validity at all then everything thereafter is garbage and can not be excused. Marlowe has set the tone to where the only answer Beckett can give us 'yes'. If she says 'no', then any self-respecting person would pack their bags and go home after such a stunning put-down. Of course, this will fly Over Marlowe's arrogant head. If she says 'wait', it has the same result as saying no. I had watched every episode of this show since the beginning, when I saw the first promos. I have purchased all episodes except five. If the best that Marlowe can do is the arc, he will see his show sink like an 'ark'. Look for a late winter replacement if Marlowe can't get out of this jam.

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