Who will die next on Sons of Anarchy?

GREATest show in TV!!! I think the truth will come out and Jax will kill Clay! I am hoping that Juice will turn on the Feds and make this work for the Sons!! He is no rat, he has a plan! Things with Tara and Jax will be rocky but will work out in the end. Hopefully!
Gemma should get her do! right between the eyes.

Sons of Anarchy Trailer: Will the Truth Come Out?

This is absolutely my favorite show! I await anxiously for the next episode. I don't want to see any of our good characters die, (except Clay) He deserves it!!! (In my opinion) I love Tara and Juice, Bobby is great and Unser is too, I just hate to see any of them go! Jax needs Tara!!!!!
These characters bring something so special to the show, It really deserves some acknowledgment at award time!

Sons of Anarchy Tease: What Has Clay Done?!?

Can't wait, I hope Tara, Jax and their boys make it through this mess. I can't wait to see Jax put a bullet right between Clay's eyes, or what if Gemma did the deed for Jax, What a turn that would be!!! Still hoping that Wayne will call the police about Piney! Worried about Juice's situation, I love his character, he needs to stay with the club!


Can't imagine what is going to happen if Tara and/or the children are killed. I can just see Jax shoot Clay between the eyes. I don't want to lose Juice either, he is a great character! Absolutely love this show!