Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "Devotion"

I am still not convinced this show is going to be one I watch in the long run. While I liked the surprise that the girl with the unsub was the guys dead sister, I am tired of Cooper being the one doing all the figuring out of why the unsub does what he does. This is supposed to be a team and I just don't feel it. I am still hopeful that this show grabs me more then it has so far.
I agree with CMinds1001 in regards to Garcia. In this show she seems more like a talking head then the wonderful over the top Garcia we have come to know and love.

Breakout Kings Review: Series Premiere

I don't think Ray works in law enforcement any more...I think he is just another con working on the team. This seemed like it was his brainchild when he was a cop but now he is one of the ones working to get his sentenced reduced, highlighted when Charlie tells him cons don't get weapons at the end when he dropped him off. I just don't think they are telling the other cons that the cop that busted them is also a con.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "See No Evil"

I am leaning towards not liking this show because of the overacting. To me a show like this is based on the character interactions and chemistry and I am just not feeling it for this show. Even with the carry-over character of Garcia, the interaction and dynamic just isn't there and it feels like a huge missing piece. I hope it gets better but I am not sure how much more of the overacting I can take.

Off the Map Review: "Es Un Milagro"

I am thinking that since Ryan will need a heart transplant, Keaton's wife will be a donor match for her

Off the Map Review: "On the Mean Streets of San Miguel"

I have not been a fan of Mina since day 1 and I still can't warm up to her character. Her rigid demeanor and dogged determination just puts me off. I am beginning to enjoy Tommy who also I did not care for in the beginning. He is starting to come around to the ways of the jungle and the people who live there, even if he has a misstep from time to time. I am not sure what to think about Ben keeping his wife alive for the trust fund. However, I think the writers are using the kept alive on machines angle to allow for her to have a miraculous recover at the most inopportune time (like when Amy and Ben are together).

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