NCIS Review: Mike Franks' Swan Song

Just because he's dead doesn't mean we'll never see him again! flash backs , Jethro going what would Mike do, say......
totally drained after that episode as well. Gonna have to watch it a couple of times there are so many hidden gems in there referring to past, present and future knowing the writers at N.C.I.S.

Bones Review: "The Finder"

I would definitely be a fan of "Finder" or whatever title they choose to go with. The quirky trio is refreshing and remember we've only seen 3 of the cast of what would be a whole show.
It's a different concept, it isn't predictable which is such a refreshing change.
Watch the show again and don't look at it as an epsiode of Bones you may get a different take on it.

NCIS Scoop: Whose Eyeball Was That?!

Ok it's can't be Mike Franks as he has brown eyes and the eyeball in the ice cube is blue. Jeanne is a good guess but to now all the victims have been current or past military male personnel. M Allison Hart doesn't fit the category nor does Holly Snow. Lt. Col. Hollis Mann does fit. Ron Sacks also has brown eyes as does Vance.
I can't help but think that it belongs to someone close to Tony as a message to him since the drink was ordered for him unless the bartender made a mistake and it was meant for Ziva.
It could be Tony's dad to make it personal or Jackson Gibbs. Tobias Fornell is Gibbs only real man friend and I would hope they wouldn't take that relationship away from him (though Joe Spano does have a new gig not sure if it is temp or permanent.) I agree with Ziva C.I.Ray is "creepy" and has a real ego thing as seen in the man vs man between Tony and Ray in the men's room. It could be C.I.Ray is or is involved with the P2PK. It could simply be too early to know yet though.

NCIS Spoilers: Season Finale Serial Killer Details!

Could it be that somehow Vance will have to go on leave or be relocated and Jethro takes over the director's chair making Tony head of the team??
That would work and Jethro would definitely be a very different director. He's earned the title and while he's not into playing politics maybe he would give a new respect to the image as the head of a government agency instead of all these games the other directors of various government agency's play.