Gossip Girl Round Table: Season Five Premiere

I like Dan and Blair. Those two need more scenes together!

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The End of the Affair"

Please no more Damon-Elena flirts. It's becoming soooooo annoying!
I don't even want to see them together.

Klaus Kicks Back

He is seriously the hottest villain on tv. Joseph organ did an amazing job with Klaus! I hope he stays a long time in The Vampire Diaries.


They're actually the only couple that has any sort of chemistry to me. Elena and Damon is overplayed and so is Stefan with Elena.
Those two better remain together!

Awkward Season 2 Scoop: A Full Plate for Jenna

I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and I'm in no way undermining anybody's but why Matty?
I can't understand why I would like a guy like Matty. If you've noticed, Matty's relationship with Jenna was first and foremost sexual and remained that way for a long time throughout the season. They kissed more than they talked. Jake and her actually talked and shared things. Jake believed that she didn't commit suicide and he was not scared about being seen with her.
Sure Matty changed, but beyond their kisses, there is not much to Jenna and him. I understand why people would find him "hot" and a hunky guy (which I suspect is why many people seem to like him better than Jake) and Jake is just the cute next-door type.
I wouldn't call what Matty and Jenna had, "first love". To me it seemed like they were just attracted to each other and hormones did the work. And, "first love" does not always mean the "right love".