True Blood Round Table: "And When I Die"

So... One day after the season is over, and I'm already at a lost as to what it was all about. A witch who died; lesbian cage-fighting Tara dies; Jason continues his quest to have sex with every female in Bon Temps; Bill kills Nan too; still not sure what the f$&% happened to Eric; Andy and Terry are still borderline retarded; and Lafayette gets witch powers and kills his demonic lover. Now, you'd think that'd be interesting... But it wasn't. I've never been more bored with lesbian cage-fighters than I was with Tara. The promise of further boredom hangs in the air - Resurrection of Tara as a zombie lesbian cage-fighter; more Terry/Arlene; more Sookie in distress; more Alcide; more miscellaneous plotless Sam; more Andy; Lafayette taking over the depressed whiny role from Tara...


Everything Tara does seems to be irrelevant. Even getting her head blown off. I was like - unless she comes back as a zombie, Tara was the most epic waste of time ever. I miss Jesus already. (The gay, demonic witch finally gets interesting and you kill him?) How the beep did Eric and Bill end up chained to a pyre? That made no beeping sense. Pam had two minutes in this thing and had the best line with "fairy vagina." This is the first time a True blood season ended with me having zero interest in the next season. Five minutes afte the episode, and I don't give a rat's shit on what happens in season five. The plot in S04 was so weak, it was near non-existent. There was nothing of interest to be finalised.

Wilfred Review: Grab Your Torch and Pitch Fork

TRash Face... lol. Excellent cameo!
Flaming torch scene! How does a dog make a flaming torch? hA!

Wilfred Review: This Is Your Mother!

best episode ever.
"our mummy" lol


Now... this entire season is powered by cliffhanger endings. How much are we betting that the burning starts in the last 3-5 seconds?

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 76

Andy: Bouncy curls or flat? Guys, what's my hair supposed to be doing?
Jenna (thinking): Just tell her that she's a ghost. No one cares...

True Blood Round Table: "Soul of Fire"

Eric needs to do something else with the hair.
Bill needs to become even more of an asshole and cure his sookie fetish.
Pam needs to seriously make an attempt to kill sookie and start a vampire vs fairy war. ( Because sending one fairy over to conquer the world don't make sense. Hundreds of refugee fairies should be lurking in the woods.) The werecats could be helping them out breeding new ghost-daddys or something...
Jesus should become a full-on demon who goes on to kill everything indiscriminately. People for him to kill - Alcide, Jessica, Terry and Marlene, LAFAYETTE, Debbie, Luna...(and the kid too, just to end that storyline completely...), Tara,all other werewolves in Bon Temps...
And Bill's girl from the beginning of the season reappears. I can't remember who she was but i like her more than sookie...
And no more conversations. Enough talk. We had a season of talk and confessions of love. We could have a finale like that episode of Buffy that had no sound.


As if. The carrot is tied to a stick, people, and they will never let you get a taste. Ten thousand dollars says the "focus" involves two extra lines per episode, to fill in the Jenna time. Once you read the books, you end up with this Bonnie affection and this series is playing with that so cruelly. I want to say that I don't care, but i keep checking here to see if there's any "Bonnie gets a plotline" development, and even now that there is one, i'm still not happy because i have to see it to believe it. Yay for klaus.


Why didn't she just run through the fire? Quickly Macguyver style. Or, no wait... Sookie is officially the most distressed damsel in existence.
One of the best episodes of the season though, except the manly suicide pact was idiotic. Probably Eric could have shot Bill and changed his mind afterwards, but for Eric to volunteer to go first? While being the newly re-juiced Eric? That's just too much OOC-ness from Eric. The thing with Pam after is even worse.
Eric is still plummeting down this "Love lift us up where we belong" shtick and it's starting to put a bad, assy taste in my mouth.
Otherwise, Bill was excellent, despite his regression.
Andy, forgiven for wasting so much time last episode by doing something interesting in this one.
Gansta Sam reappeared!!! Holla!!!